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140 Characters could spell Doom

Earlier this week I wrote a post about the Indiana school system’s decision to stop teaching cursive since children do more texting than writing. This cartoon could sadly be a look into the future.

Is Tyell Morton a Criminal or just a foolish kid?

I was guest blogger on Momocrats. Follow the link to read the post: http://momocrats.typepad.com/momocrats/2011/06/guest-post-is-tyell-morton-a-criminal-or-just-a-foolish-kid.html

Wonkette’s attack on Trig Palin is Simply Cruel

Political disagreements need to be civil, but lately some are having a difficult time between separating politics from personal. This morning while reading The Daily Caller I read a story about Sarah Palin’s son Trig. To say it was cruel would be an understatement. The author of the article,  Jack Stuef  offers a tepid apology, but he basically stands by his article. Read the link and tell me what you think.


J. Crew under fire for this ad

Computer problems prevented me from posting this earlier, but it is still worthy of discussion. J. Crew creative director painted her 5 year old son’s toes neon pink. The company is under fire for this ad. Some are accusing them of supporting  gender bending lifestyles others see it as a mother simply having fun with her young son. Tell me what you think.

Mother Gives her child hot sauce is this abuse?

As a parent you often are frustrated by the actions of your children, but abuse is never the answer. This mother appeared on Dr. Phil’s show and demonstrated how she gives hot sauce to her son when he lies and she subjects him to cold showers. Her 10 year old videotaped the encounter. The mother is now charged with abuse in her hometown and faces up to 1 year in prison. The irony is no one would have ever known what she was doing had she not exposed herself by sending the tape to the show. The drive for the 15 minutes of fame could be what ends up getting her 365 days behind bars.

Phylicia Barnes is still missing…have you seen this girl?

 Phylicia Barnes has been missing since December 28th. She is from North Carolina and she was visiting her sister in Baltimore when she was last seen. The police have been looking for her and the community has been canvassed with flyers asking for information, but now almost a month later she is still nowhere to be found. I have talked about the disparity in media coverage on this story before, but at this point that is not the main issue. The issue is this is someone’s daughter and it has to be heartbreaking to her family and friends not knowing what has happened to her. I have children and can not imagine the daily anguish they are dealing with. So today I ask you to look at the picture and forward the post. Put it on Facebook and let everyone in your circle know this girl is missing and we need answers. She has missed New Year’s and her birthday last week. Somebody knows something and hopefully that person will come forward because this is a mystery that must be solved.

Florida Principal Removed from School for Disciplining His Daughter?

Florida principal Darren Jones has been removed from his school for hitting his own daughter with an extension cord. His daughter has been removed from the home and he was arrested and released. Jones says he was disciplining his out of control daughter. Jones has been credited with turning around failing schools as well as being a father figure to at risk youth. Is this old school discipline or is this abuse? Tell me what you think. http://video.miami.cbslocal.com/global/video/popup/pop_playerLaunch.asp?clipId1=5474815&flvUri=&partnerclipid=&at1=News&vt1=v&h1=Bro%20ward%20Principal%20Charged%20With%20Child%20Abuse&d1=112733&redirUrl=http://video.miami.cbslocal.com&activePane=info&LaunchPageAdTag=homepage&clipFormat=flv

It’s the First Day of School, but Alicia Debolt will never enter high school

Today is the first day of school and for my youngest it is the first day of high school. She was understandably nervous but she left with a big smile on her face. This is a joyous time for her, but last week I read a story about another girl who should have been starting high school today, but instead she is in the morgue. Alicia Debolt was a cheerleader from Great Bend, Kansas who was about to enter her freshman year of high school. She was last seen at her home last Saturday night, when she left with her 19-year-old boyfriend at 11PM to attend a party. Her body was found burned beyond recognition in a dumpster. Two questions come to mind: why is a 19 year old allowed to date a minor and why is a 14 year old allowed to leave her home at 11PM to go out partying? A fourteen year old is not an adult and should not be treated like she is one. Parents want to have good relationships with their children, but their children have plenty of friends and they need parents that are there to actually teach them right from wrong. I would not be so callous as to judge this situation, but I will just say today I was grateful to see my 14 year old do what 14 teen year olds should be doing and that is starting high school.

No Boy Should Ever be Called Man of the House

Rajeen Bennett was a promising young man with a bright future in front of him.  He was a standout football player at McEachern High School in Atlanta, Georgia. He had recently signed a letter of intent to attend Vanderbilt University. That will never happen because Bennett was a victim of a domestic violence dispute. His mother’s boyfriend killed Bennett and then killed himself. So Bennett will never get to play for Vanderbilt. He is now another sad statistic. In the clip above the Coach of the Vanderbilt team is responding to the news of Bennett’s death. Coach Johnson refers to Bennett as the “man of the house”. He says “he took care of his brother, his mother and his sisters. That’s what he was trying to do at the end.”  I salute single mothers everywhere, but no child should ever be referred to as the “man of the house”. It is too much of a burden to put on any child. I know older siblings have to look after younger ones, but they are still children. We have to stop referring to our boys as the “man of the house”. During the Super Bowl Dorito’s had a commercial that showed a black man coming into a home to pick up a woman for a date and he was introduced to her young son. As the man inappropriately looks at the woman the boy slaps him across his face and says “don’t mess with my Mama or my Doritos.” Some thought this to be hilarious I was not among them that did. What this said to me is this child had been empowered with power beyond his years, and that should not be the case. Black boys should have an opportunity to enjoy childhood before they are prematurely ushered into manhood.

Baltimore Soldier Home for the Holidays Killed On City Streets

When a young person goes off the serve their country friends and loved ones pray for their safety. One such young person was Private Clifford Williams. He was home on a 15 day leave. He wanted to spend Christmas with his son and he would have celebrated his 23rd birthday the day after Christmas, but sadly his family is now planning his funeral. What does it say about urban America when a young man can survive Afghanistan and get killed at home on leave? He was out shopping when his car was hit by barrage of bullets. “Police have no suspects or a motive in the shooting. Williams enlisted in the Army in February 2008 and was deployed in April to Afghanistan, where he performed maintenance on planes, an Army spokesman told the Associated Press.  It’s a very, very sad case,” said Lt. Col. Nathan M. Banks, an Army spokesman. We always expect to be killed over there. When we come home to American soil, this is rare.”* The police are going door to door trying to put the pieces back together, but this will be a hard case to solve. I am sure Private Williams looked forward to being home for the holidays he never knew he was safer in a war zone than on the streets of his own country.  

*Baltimore Sun