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Pageant Mom Calls her son a “diva” is this a problem?

Toddlers and Tiaras is a popular show on the The Learning Channel. Young girls strut their stuff in the girls pageant world. What struck me about this clip is that a little boy is yearning to be a part of this world and his mother seems perfectly fine with it. In fact she refers to him as her little diva. Watch the clip and tell me what you think. http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/toddlers-tiaras-better-than-the-girls.html#mkcpgn=snag1

Phylicia Barnes is still missing…have you seen this girl?

 Phylicia Barnes has been missing since December 28th. She is from North Carolina and she was visiting her sister in Baltimore when she was last seen. The police have been looking for her and the community has been canvassed with flyers asking for information, but now almost a month later she is still nowhere to be found. I have talked about the disparity in media coverage on this story before, but at this point that is not the main issue. The issue is this is someone’s daughter and it has to be heartbreaking to her family and friends not knowing what has happened to her. I have children and can not imagine the daily anguish they are dealing with. So today I ask you to look at the picture and forward the post. Put it on Facebook and let everyone in your circle know this girl is missing and we need answers. She has missed New Year’s and her birthday last week. Somebody knows something and hopefully that person will come forward because this is a mystery that must be solved.