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Sherri Shepherd “You are the Mother” and now you will have to pay Lamar Sally

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Has ABC The View lost its way?

Have you seen The View lately? Well in a word it is sad. There is no chemistry it is just 4 women attempting to give the audience the appearance of camaraderie. Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are gone and sorely missed. I used to find both of them at times too partisan, but they had a real point of view. Now we are left with Whoopi, Barbara, Sherri and the newbie Jenny McCarthy. Not a good mix and this week Brad Garrett is the guest co-host and he literally looks like the bull in the china shop. The show has lost more than two co-hosts. It has lost its mojo. It might be time to put a fork in it or it might be simpler for me to just turn the channel.

Wendy Williams not happy with Sherri Shepherd’s DWTS debut

Is Wendy Williams accusing Sherri Shepherd of playing to a sterotype? Yes, she is Williams said Shepherd gave the show exactly what they were looking for from her. I have to admit my husband said she was doing a little too much grinning last night. Watch the clip and tell me what you think.


Why is Sherri Shepherd offended by Barbara Walter’s use of the N-word, but not Whoopi Goldberg’s?

Today the hot topics got really hot on The View. While discussing the Rick Perry “Niggerhead Camp” Sherri Shepherd was offended when Barbara Walters said the word nigger, but she did not take offense when her co-host, Whoopi Goldberg said the same word. Walters said she was merely saying the word as part of the story she was not calling Shepherd a name, but Shepherd was still upset and she said she could not explain it to Walters. This is the problem with the word. It is either offensive or it is not. It can’t be fine for one group to say it and time to pull out protest signs when another groups says it. It is an ugly word and nobody should be saying it.

The View’s Sherri Shepherd puts Bishop Eddie Long on Blast

Last week Bishop Eddie Long settled a lawsuit with 4 young men who had accused him of sexual misconduct. The settlement made some of his supporters,  and some who truly believed he would fight very disappointed. The true believers felt if he was truly innocent he would never have settled. This morning on The View Sherri Shepherd let loose on the bishop. Tell me what you think.

The View Crew say they rather have Mary Alice in the control tower than Tameka…is this a problem?

This morning while discussing air traffic controllers sleeping on the job The View crew made some interesting observations. They were saying there is a need for more air traffic controllers.  Sherri Shepard said her cousin “Tameka” needed a job. Whoopi Goldberg responded by saying she did not want Tameka in the tower she would be more comfortable with Mary Alice in the tower. Goldberg said they were joking which they were, but does the joke reveal a not too secret fact? The fact is that Afro-centric names give the employer a chance to weed out minority candidates, but who do you blame for this? Parents choose the names they give their children and they choose names that they like. Case in point:  Tameka. Tell me what you think.

The View Crew Mocks “Speaking in Tongue”

This week The View crew seems intent on insulting all groups. Today I walked in the room and heard Sherri Sheppard speaking gibberish. Joy Behar asked her what language was she speaking and Sheppard said she was “speaking in tongues.” I am not going to attempt to debate what she was doing but I  would have to question her sincerity. Behar asked her to teach her and at that point she put her hand on Behar’s head and Behar proceeded to utter some nonsense. At that point Whoopi Goldberg said I know we are going to get some letters over this. My question is why mock religion? Or should I say why mock Christianity? Why is it ok to take shots at Christians? You might not believe in Christianity but do you really want to insult your viewers?

Is A Good Black Man that Hard to Find?

A couple of nights ago ABC’s Nightline hosted a show about why successful black women can not find a men. Panelists included Sherri Shepherd, Jacque Reed, Hill Harper and Jimmy Izreal. Relationship expert Steve Harvey served as moderator.  What qualifies Harvey to be an expert? He wrote a relationship book.  I’ll leave that alone because Harvey is the flavor of the year. What I was really watching were people who are actually making a career out of being single. Shepherd is a talk show host and a stand up comic, and being single is part of her act. Reed recently appeared a reality show which was reminiscent of the ‘90s hit show Sex in the City, and Harper writes books on relationship issues. So they all make a profit based on simply being single. So what was the purpose of this event? I watched a few segments yesterday on http://www.youtube.com, and all I heard was more of the same. There was seemingly a lot of advice for how women need to act to get their soulmate, but what does a show like this really accomplish? Nothing. It is an opportunity for conversation, and for the panelists to grandstand, but there are no real solutions. As I watched everyone talked and talked some more I wondered if anyone on the panel had the capacity to listen. I had to accept the fact that shows like this are not designed to offer real solutions. The goal is to entertain, and if that is the soul barometer the show was successful.