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“Squandered Opportunity” according to BET co-founder Sheila Johnson

This has to be from the land of Unbelievable. Sheila Johnson and her husband Robert founded BET (Black Entertainment Television). the network’s centerpiece for years was rump shaking, scantily clothed women bopping to the beat. Seductive videos all day long, but now that they have sold the network to Viacom. Sheila Johnson recently said ‘I think we squandered a really important cable network, when it really could have been the voice of Black America.’ What? Now that she has no powere over the network that she founded she now laments that BET is not a voice for the people. I guess this should be expected in the land of Unbelieveable.
Read more at http://www.eurweb.com/2012/10/sheila-johnson-bet-co-founder-thinks-network-is-a-squandered-opportunity/#lIl3CkPH3kbtPTJ0.99



New Virginia Gubernatorial Campaign Strategy: Mock the Stutterer

Prominent Republican supporter took the campaign to a new low when she mocked Democratic candidate Creigh Diggs because he stutters Sheila Johnson, co-founder of BET,  stressed that the state needed a good communicator and then she proceeded to mock the stutter of Diggs.  It would be ridiculous to say this is an indictment of the Republican Party because it isn’t. This is an indictment of us. We have allowed an anything goes atmosphere to manifest. We have people saying anything that pops into their heads. Democrats and Republicans are engaging in this practice. If it is too egregious they will apologize later but the message is out there. So now we have a person making a political speech take a swipe at a man who stutters. We teach our kids not to do this. We teach our kids to accept people as they are. Too bad some of us failed to learn the lessons that we teach our children.