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Sheila Jackson Lee talks about the 400 year old Constitution?

The Constittution was ratified in 1787 that means it is 232 years old not 400 years old. The Honorable congresswoman made a mistake, but in this gotcha era a simple mistake will make you look like a simpleton. She spoke with authority but she was simply wrong, but for the next couple of days she will be on the hot seat. In the future maybe she needs to ditch the numbers and simply make her point.



Is Tavis Smiley right about the president’s CBC speech?

I never thought I would say this, but Tavis Smiley might just be right. Sheila Jackson Lee is his guest tonight and I have to admit he might just have a point. what do you think.

Is Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee a Horrible Boss?

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has quite the reputation on the Hill, and frankly it is not good. She is being sued by a former staffer who says the Congresswoman did not acknowledge or make any allowances for the staffer’s disability.  Earlier this year The Daily Caller wrote a scathing article on the congresswoman http://dailycaller.com/2011/03/02/congressional-bosses-from-hell-sheila-jackson-lee/. So one has to wonder is Jackson Lee a horrible boss or is everyone simply picking on her?


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Questions Whether Race is a factor in the debt ceiling talks…does she have a point?

We have never seen the debt ceiling issue play out like this before. We have never seen or heard talk of the United States of America defaulting on its loans, but we also have never had a black president before. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee raised this issue on the floor of Congress. I have heard several people that I know ask this same question this week. So tell me what you think is  race a factor?

Is Sheila Jackson-Lee the boss from hell?

Working in Washington is hard work but according to the story attached working for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee is impossible. Jackson-Lee is accused of giving her staffers profane nicknames and also reserving some of her more horrific behavior for her black staffers. The story I reference is from the Daily Caller, a conservative website. Our elected officials are supposedly there to serve us, but who really oversees their behavior. What recourse does a staffer have other than to quit? Sadly, they really don’t because as Jackson-Lee says she is the queen and no one can cross the queen and keep their job.