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What is going to happen to Basketball Wives?

This season Basketball Wives has been interesting because of the viewer backlash. Adult bullying was on full display and the women went from simply verbal assault to vicious physical assault. So VH1 and Shed Media were forced to do some soul searching and the promise is next season we will see a kinder, gentler Basketball Wives. The ringmaster of this circus has been Shaunie O’Neal. O’Neal has always portrayed herself as an observer. She never got her hands dirty, she let her minions do the dirty work while she gave the big eyed innocent look. On the season finale O’Neal consulted her pastor and asked him should she leave the show? We know she won’t the money is simply too good, but this season O’Neal’s mask was pulled off and she is as guilty as the ladies throwing blows.

Basketball Wives to cut down on girl fighting

Basketball Wives is going to cut down on the fighting. This is in response to two factors: an online petition and loss of sponsorship. This season the fights have been frequent and vicious and VH1 and Shaunie O’Neal have finally started listening to complaints about the behavior of these so-called Basketball Wives(most of them have never actually been wives). It is good news because seeing black women brawling and cursing every week is not entertainment…it is perpetuating an ugly stereotype.