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Why would a mother allow her toddler to be hung in a closet and beaten?

From Associated Press: An 18-month-old South Carolina boy is in critical condition after authorities say he was hanged by his ankles in a closet and repeatedly beaten by three teenagers. Multiple media outlets report that the three teens, ages 14, 15 and 16, are accused of abusing Louis Wright of Charleston. The child’s mother, Shakera Wright, has also been charged with allowing the beating to occur. Police were called to a hospital Tuesday when the mother brought Louis in with face swelling, fractured ribs, bruises and lacerations to his spleen, liver and pancreas. She told a social worker the teens “play-wrestled” with the boy Monday. She said they hit her son until she told them to stop. Arrest warrants say the oldest teen admitted the abuse, calling it wrestling.” Why? That is the only question. What mother would allow her child to be subjected to this kind of cruelty? Where was her mother? Is this immaturity or simply cruelty? Tell me what you think.