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Who really killed Seth Walsh and Tyler Clementi?

Today I  read two very heartbreaking stories. The first one was about the Rutgers student Tyler Clementi who jumped off the George Washington bridge when he found out his roommate had posted his gay sexual encounter online, and the other story was about Seth Walsh the 13 year old California boy who hung himself after he was the target of taunts from classmates. “Tehachapi California Police Chief Jeff Kermode says investigators interviewed some of the teenagers who allegedly taunted Seth for being gay and concluded no crime was committed” . No crime was committed, but that does not negate the damage that was done. So what have we become?  Clementi was the victim of a vicious stunt allegedly perpetrated by his roommate, and Thomas was simply tired of being bullied. Two young people on two separate coasts chose death over life. The police say his Walsh’s classmates broke down when they were interviewed about the taunting, but it is too late. Two young people are dead. Some will say they took their own lives that is on them, but what did we as a society do to protect them?