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Does Caroline Kennedy Really Want to be Senator?

Caroline Kennedy was responsible for her uncle’s support of Barack Obama for presidency. The Ted Kennedy endorsement was big endorsement at a critical time for the Obama candidacy, but what should be her award? Should Gov. Patterson simply give her the senate seat because she inquired about it?  Does she really want to be the junior senator from New York or she still experiencing the afterglow from the Obama campaign? Remember this is a woman that has spent the majority of her adult life shying away from politics, but now she wants to get her feet wet with a Senate seat? Is this really fair to the politicians that have really served the state, but why would I ask that question Hillary Clinton prior to her husband’s election was a citizen of Arkansas. She decided she wanted to be a senator so she packed her bags, submitted a change of address request and started campaigning. So I guess this is a seat that if you have enough star power you can have it, and under that set of circumstances let’s say hello to Senator Caroline Kennedy.


Quit is not in Hillary Clinton’s Vocabulary

When we were kids we were taught winners never quit and quitters never win. Our parents used this statement to motivate us do our best and know it will take hard work to achieve our goals. As we became adults we were forced to accept the fact that in some cases no matter what we did, we can and will fail. As mature adults we also learned that we could fail and get up and start again. We would only become a failure if we decided not to try. Watching Hillary I tend to think she only learned the first part of the lesson. She is stuck on the winners never quit, and in spite of the numbers she refuses to quit.  The numbers don’t lie and the numbers say this thing is over. She has the right to continue and that is what she plans on doing. As this thing goes on she will show she is not a quitter, but she will also show she is a sore loser.

Hillary’s Secret Weapon–Billionaire Bob Johnson Who Will Say Anything

A few months ago Geraldine Ferraro said that Sen. Obama was only where he was because he was black. Her contention was a white candidate with the Senator’s same resume would not be considered a viable candidate. This touched off a firestorm and Ms. Ferraro stepped down from her advisory role on the Clinton campaign.  So now Bob Johnson has decided it is his duty to pick up the banner and wave it proudly.  Mr. Johnson said, “What I believe Geraldine Ferraro meant is that if you take a freshman senator from Illinois called ‘Jerry Smith’ and he says I’m going to run for president, would he start off with 90% of the black vote?” Johnson went on to say “And the answer is, probably not.” The trouble with Mr. Johnson’s equation is it is wrong. First of all, Sen. Obama did not start out with 90% of the black vote. The fact is Hillary Clinton had the black vote at the beginning of the campaign. Black people yearned for the good old days of Bill Clinton and they saw Sen. Clinton as the second coming.  Most black people outside of Illinois did not know much about Sen. Obama. They knew he had given a rousing speech at the 2004 Democratic convention and that was about it.  He had to earn the votes of the black community. He talked to all people not just black people, so when someone like Bob Johnson tries to marginalize his efforts we have to state the facts. The fact is Mr. Johnson is a valuable Hillary surrogate and his job is to say things that the white surrogates can not say. Does she ask him to do this? Probably not but did the master ask the house slaves to tell him what the field slaves were planning? Probably not but it still brought a smile to his face.

America, You Can’t Handle the Truth


“And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”  Barack Obama


This quote attributable to the Senator is causing quite a stir. Senator Obama has been accused of being condescending. America has difficulty with the truth. We constantly search for softer words to handle dire situations. We say someone passed away to avoid   saying they died. We hold on to the belief that euphemisms make the medicine go down a little easier. When the Senator used the word “bitter” he became a victim of the word police. How could he describe the people as bitter? This was an atrocity. No this is simply the truth. In 2008, working class and middle class people are facing some incredible challenges, and frankly they have the right to be bitter. Jobs are moving out of the US and are not coming back, homes are being lost to foreclosure and the cost of a college education is starting to seem out of reach. Bitter seems to be the perfect word to describe the current state of affairs, but it just sounds too harsh. So now we chastise the Senator and ask him to say what he meant. He said what he meant, but that is not what America wants to hear. So get out the dictionary and find a word that does not offend because Americans are not ready to handle the truth.

The Importance of Gov. Richardson’s Endorsement

Earlier in the year Sen. Obama could do no wrong. He was riding high in the polls and picking up endorsements from the party elite. The media loved him. Life was great. Overthe past couple of weeks Obama has had to deal with the Jeremiah Wright controversy. Americans have rightfully asked the question, “How could an agent of change attend a church pastored by a man who could make such vile, anti-American statements?” Obama has answered the questions via interviews and his powerful speech delivered earlier this week. The Obama campaign learned last night that the Senator’s passport had been breached. It has just been a cycle of bad news. Finally a bright spot came in the form of the Richardson endorsement. It is always gratifying to get a boost when things are not going according to plan. Some commentators have questioned why Richardson didn’t endorse him prior to the Texas primary. That might have been optimal, but to do it right after the Wright controversy takes courage, and I applaud that. What the Richardson endorsement does is help bring the discussion back to who is the better candidate to represent the Democrats in the fall. In reality his endorsement could not have come at a better time.

Message from McCain’s Ministers

Statements below are from 2 prominent ministers supporting John McCain

John Hagee: “”All hurricanes are acts of God, because God controls the heavens. I believe that New Orleans had a level of sin that was offensive to God, and they are– were recipients of the judgment of God for that.” – (Google news count for search ‘”john mccain’ ‘john hagee’”: 495)

  • Rod Parsley on Islam: “I know that this statement sounds extreme, but I do not shrink from its implications. The fact is that America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed, and I believe September 11, 2001, was a generational call to arms that we can no longer ignore.

Did I miss it or have we seen the tapes of these ministers making the aformentioned statements. I’m sure if the press looked a little harder they would probably find some more radical musings from these two pillars of society. No one seems to be approaching this with the same zeal as the Jeremiah Wright debacle. In the Wright case on Good Morning America they said they purchased the tapes for the purpose of doing the story. I know Hagee and Parsley also have extensive tape libraries, but nobody is looking. I am not saying McCain was a member of either of these two congregations, but these are radical statements that are not shared thoughts of the mainstream. I think it would at least warrant some repudiation, but instead they have been embraced as a ticket to the evangelical vote.

The Black Church is a Different World

Over the past few days I have seen the Jeremiah Wright tapes aired over and over again on all the network and cable outlets. This morning I saw Al Shaprton on Fox news and the newsmen were talking about it and also the possibility that Sen. Obama was present at one of these tirades. I found this very curious. I know the church sells the sermans on tape, but how can you prove or disprove if someone was present or not if they are not on the tape. To do that would require some collusion with some staff member and I can’t believe our “sainted” media would stoop to that level. (Tongue planted firmly in cheek) This whole notion of if the Sen. had been present he could have walked out is not necessarily true. The black preacher is still a respected member of the black community. Politcos seek their approval because of their influence over their congregation in particular and the community at large. You don’t just walk out in the middle of service. In some churches no walking is permitted while the pastor is speaking. You can not apply rules from traditional churches to the activities of the black church. Rev. Wright’s comments were indefensible and I don’t believe that everyone present shared his radical perspectives. When the tapes are played it almost seems like it was one vile message, but what we are actually seeing is a complilation. This has been to topic of conversation for the past few days. The market is still in trouble, we’ve been mired in Iraq for 5 years, uemployment is rising, gas prices are at an all time high, food is going up everyday and we are still talking about a preacher from the southside of Chicago. Let’s just accept the black church offers more than a worship experience and move on.

Thank You Rev. Wright! You Are Proof-Positive that Barack Obama is Not a Muslim

This has been a rough week for Sen. Obama. Tapes of his spiritual mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright have made their way into the mainstream media. The tapes reflect some of the radical opinions that Rev. Wright espouses. This was a gotcha moment for the press! They were literally salivating with glee. However, Sen. Obama took the high road and said he found some of the preacher’s remarks apalling. He did it admirably because he refused to throw his pastor under the bus. He repudiated the remarks, but not the person. He explained that this man led him to Christ, performed his wedding and christened his children. In other words this is his friend. In a campaign like this others would have cut him loose, and not looked back because right now the only thing they can see is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I applaud the Sen. for acknowledging this kind of rhetoric has no place in this campaign, but also standing by his friend. The irony in this scenario is the Rev. has proven to the skeptics (Sen. Clinton included) that once and for all Sen. Obama is not a muslim. He is a Christian who acknowledges the man who brought him to Christ 20 years ago is still his friend.

There Should Be Consequences

Florida and Michigan moved up their primaries despite the objections of the Democratic national committee. The consequences of this act of defiance was their delegates would not be seated at the convention. This seems pretty simple there was an act followed by a consequence. As a child I remember my parents were strong in the act/consequence scenario, and I knew they meant what they said. Well, that’s not the case this year. The DNC was just bluffing. Here we sit in March watching them try to come up with a solution to a problem that they had previously”resolved”. Why have these two states become so important? Since only one candidate was on the ballot in Michigan how could we fairly and equitably settle this matter. Looks like it is time for a do-over! Hillary needs the delegates and what Hllary or should I said the presumptive “Queen Hillary” wants she gets. There should be consequences but in this election season we are writing the rules as we go along, and if there is something we (HIllary’s Team) don’t like we simply re-write them. So much for consequences.

Jeremiah Wright is a Preacher not the Pope

I watched the Good Morning America segment on Jeremiah Wright this morning. To say Rev. Wright is radical is truly an understatement. To say Sen. Obama agrees with everything he says is a mistatement. When I was watching the carefully selected footage from 5 years ago my first question was how did ABC get the footage?  That question was answered when the reporter said the tapes are sold. So my next question was why would ABC purchase the tapes? That was also answered it is time to throw the whole kitchen at Obama. He is now responsible for every word coming out of Rev. Wright’s mouth. The reporter also said he was not even sure that the Senator was even in the service during this particular sermon. Sen. Obama said the Rev. is like an old uncle that says somethings that you do not agree with. Rev. Wright is a product of his own experiences. Show me a black man 65 and older and you will sense some of the bitterness that comes from thriving for the American Dream and never quite getting it. It is through this lens that the Rev. views America. Is it right? Who are we to judge what is right for him. Does he reflect the sentiments of the Senator? No he is his preacher not the Pope. His opinion is simply that he is not a spokesman for the movement. Lastly, I look forward to seeing the Good Morning America story on the Pastors of Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain. I’m sure they will investigate them with equal zeal.