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Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer…hilarious or simply cruel?

Last week when Melissa McCarthy did her Sean Spicer imitation I thought it was hilarious, but this week it seemed a little cruel. Share your thoughts.

What the heck are “alternative facts”?

Facts are facts. 2 + 2 = 4. There is no debate. It is a fact. Donald Trump is president and that is a fact, but some of the things his aides are saying and trying to pawn off as facts are not. Today Kellyanne Conaway coined a phrase “alternative facts”, and this is troubling. There are no alternative facts it is either true or false no in between. If your child gave you alternative facts you would punish them. Donald Trump uttered a lot of alternative facts during the campaign season, but the season is over and now the alternative reality has to become a distant memory and now the Trumpsters have to start dealing with the real facts.

Sean Spicer uses the My Little Pony defense

It is official…the Republicans have fallen through the looking glass and they are trying their best to take us with them.