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Sarah Palin and her Posse visit the White House and the mocking does not stop

A picture is worth a thousand words. This cast of characters visited the President. Write a caption for this picture.

Sarah Palin gets heated on the Today Show…did they go back on their word?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, the Dynamic Duo, what’s not to like?

We have John McCain to thank for bringing Sarah Palin to the national stage. The same McCain that Donald Trump said is not a war hero. So now McCain’s protege has come out and literally given Donald Trump a grizzly bear hug. Palin is the godmother of the anger movement and Trump is the beneficiary of her prep efforts. They have tapped into the anger and they plan on riding this current of discontentment to the GOP convention. It’s a celebration of negativity. Let the games begin.

Rev. Al and Sarah Palin on the SNL40 Red Carpet…Yes, Hell has Frozen Over

al and sarah
No words.

John McCain says Ted Cruz should apologize to Bob Dole

Ted Cruz is the darling of conservatives. He talks tough and he does not mind stepping on toes, even the toes of members of his own party. Yesterday he spoke about three of the last GOP presidential contenders. He spoke sarcastically about President Dole, President McCain and President Romney. McCain said he could take the insults, but Bob Dole should be off limits. Ninety year old Dole fought valiantly in World War II and sustained injuries that have effected his entire life. It takes a special kind of person to hurl an insert at Dole, and that special person is Cruz who can talk about patriotism, but obviously he can’t recognize a real patriot when he sees one.

Sarah Palin says our President is known for “Mom Jeans” …is our president viewed as weak on the world’s stage?

It would be easy to dismiss the verbal drivel spouted by Sarah Palin, but a broken clock is right at least twice a day. She basically calls the president weak in this clip. She is no fan of the president but how do you think the president is perceived on the world’s stage?

A & E to Resume Duck Dynasty with Phil Robertson

A & E has announced that they will continue filming Duck Dynasty with the entire cast. Phil Robertson will be there spouting his homespun wisdom. So what do you think? Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


Is Twitter Blocking Users from Tweeting iStandWithPhil.com?

As petition drive surges to 200,000 supporters, this marks the 3rd major shutdown of a pro-Phil Robertson social media effort
RALEIGH, NC, Dec. 23, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Twitter has blocked users from Tweeting IStandWithPhil.com as the high-profile petition drive in support of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson rapidly approaches 200,000 members in just under four days. This marks at least the third major shutdown of a pro-Phil Robertson social media account since the story broke days ago. “Despite Twitter’s shut down of iStandWithPhil.com, we are surging through 200,000 supporters. In recent days, iStandWithPhil.com is among the top trending hash tags on Twitter,” said Chris Stone, Founder of Faith Driven Consumer. “We’re encouraging supporters to be heard, Tweet the @support or @twitter account, and use their other means of communication to get iStandWithPhil.com back online.” A Google page diagnostic of IStandWithPhil.com indicates “this site is not currently listed as suspicious” and that “this has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.” IStandWithPhil.com. is alerting its supporters and asking them to Tweet @support or @twitter to unblock postings that contain IStandWithPhil.com. IStandWithPhil.com, a project of Faith Driven Consumer – an organization connecting Christian consumers with faith-compatible companies – is an online petition drive calling for tolerance, fairness, and respect for differing viewpoints in America’s rainbow of diversity. The project, which is just four days old, has been widely profiled by hundreds of media organizations across all mediums including local and national digital, print, and broadcast outlets.
QUESTION Is it fair for Twitter to block the site? share your thoughts.

Martin Bashir insults Sarah Palin and he apologizes–Alec Baldwin’s gay slur gets him canned…is this a double standard?

MSNBC has canceled Alec Baldwin’s show. Baldwin alledgedly uttered a gay slur. Baldwin denies it but he was fired. Martin Bashir responded to Sarah Palin’s slave remarks by suggesting that she experience having someone defecate and urinate on her. Bashir has apologized, but he did not lose his job over his reckless remarks. In the headline I pose the question does MSNBC have a double standard? I know the answer they do. MSNBC is gay friendly and a number of their hosts are gay, but even though MSNBC is not a conservative haven does that mean the hosts can say anything and only have to offer an apology? Share your thoughts.

Sarah Palin compares Federal Debt to Slavery…not the same

So tired of people comparing things to slavery. Unhappy athletes say they feel like slaves when they can not re-negogiate their contracts. Entertainers also are guilty of this and so are over the top political performers like Sarah Palin. You can’t compare anything that we go through today to slavery. Slavery was an American tragedy and it should not be used as a punchline or an exclamation point for any political political diatribe.