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The Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre forces us to talk

Since this past Friday there has been non stop coverage of the tragedy that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. We saw one deranged young man kill 26 people. Twenty small children lost their lives that day and their families are left to cope with an unspeakable lost, but once their children are buried and the tears have ceased their flow what will we do? Over the past few days we have heard gun owners and gun lovers defend their right to bear arms, but they have stopped short of defending the right to bear an assault weapon. The weapon the killer used is the kind of gun that should only be used in a war zone, and an elementary school is not a war zone, but in an inexplicable act of evil the killer turned it into one. There has been a reluctance to criticize the mother of the killer. Yesterday I heard a pundit say he did not want to speak ill of the dead. In theory I understand this sentiment, but we have to ask why would a mother who is aware of her son’s mental issues have these types of guns in her home? Do you blame her? No, but you do have questions and unfortunately no one can answer them. Yesterday the first two children were buried and we weep with the family, but our tears are small comfort. We have to act and at least now we are starting to have a real conversation on gun laws and mental health issues. Do we have the courage to really pass any comprehensive gun legislation? Sadly, we have to ask does it take an unspeakable act like this to start a conversation that we should have had to avoid something like this.

Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary shakes the nation

Like so many Americans I went to sleep last night with a broken heart and today I woke up still crying for all the innocent lives lost yesterday. On Monday there will be 20 empty seats in the classrooms and 8 school administrators are also counted among the lost. As a parent you think about your own children and how you put them on the school bus with an expectation that they would return unharmed. So we are left with the question how do you prepare for evil? Sure we are now being told that the shooter had a history of mental illness, but he might have been but he access to a killing machine and he methodically stole the lives of children and changed the lives of everyone connected to this tragedy. Is gun control the answer? In this case his mother bought the guns legally. The irony is she bought the gun that was used to kill her by her own son. This is the kind of story that affects everyone. It hurts. The children that died yesterday were still young enough to believe in Santa Claus and there parents probably had the toys on their wish list hidden throughout their homes, in anticipation of the holidays, but sadly this Christmas will be so very different. We are left to ask what can we do? Today we can keep the families of the victims in our prayers and we must do something to stop this kind of thing from happening again, and that means gun control.