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When is Rape Not Rape…When Roman Polanski Commits It

 For the past several days I have watched so many people try to define rape. On the view Whoopi Goldberg said “there is rape and then there is rape.” This morning Matt Lauer interviewed Sharon Tate’s sister who is the sister-in-law of Polanski. She said there are degrees of rape. Well I must have missed the memo on this distinction. This man had sex with a 13 year old girl. A 13 year old girl can not go on a school field trip without a permission slip from her parents. So it suffices to say a 13 year old can not have consensual sex. For the past few days I have seen so many high profile people justify this man’s action. All rapists do not hold a knife to the neck of the victim. Rape is an abuse of power. So often I have politicians say that the people in Hollywood don’t see the world like the rest of America and I have always thought talk like this was over the top, but I am starting to see some validity in this thought pattern. What Polanski did was rape. Plain and simple, this was not some exotic, romantic romp. This was a grown man having sex with a child and not only was it wrong it was rape.

Why Does Hollywood Continue to Defend Roman Polanski?

 This morning I saw Debra Winger on the Today Show defending the admitted rapist Roman Polanski. She like so many in the Hollywood community believe this is ancient history and he should not face further prosecution. Now why are they so forgiving of him? He has admitted that he slept with a 13 year old. There seems to be a real disconnect here. I think because the victim is now a grown woman people can not see the heinousness of his act. As a mother of a 13 year old girl I would have been hard pressed to let the legal system handle this matter. On The View yesterday the ladies say that the victim’s mother was present in the home when he had sex with the child. So they contend that could be a mitigating circumstance. They even said the mother might also be culpable. That might be true but we know he did and he needs to pay. Some people have been in prison for 30 years for raping a child whereas this guy has been living the life of a jet-setting director for the past 30 years. The other thing that is so ironic about this case is the fact that Polanski admitted his misdeed and Michael Jackson who never admitted guilt and also was never convicted of any crime was vilified until his dying day, but this guy received an Academy Award for best director in 2002, and Harrison Ford hand delivered it to him. The victim has forgiven him and that is wonderful but he still needs to answer for his crime.

What am I Missing in this Roman Polanski Case?

 Roman Polanski gave a 13 year old girl drug and liquor and he raped her. In the United States this act is classified as rape. Polanski fled the country 30 years ago to avoid serving time for the crime. He was arrested a few days ago in Switzerland and now he is fighting extradition to the United States. He has been living the life of a celebrity in the 30 years since the crime, but he is still a fugitive rapist. So why are his celebrity friends calling his act ancient history? If this is the case if you commit a crime if you can run away and stay away for years all is forgiven. Well not if you are a “Regular Joe” only if you are a celebrated artist like Polanski. Let us not forget he has had many hardships in his life. His family was killed in the Holocaust, his pregnant wife Sharon Tate was a victim of the Manson murders. Both these incidents have been brought up to show he has suffered. No one is questioning the fact that he has suffered, but the other thing that no one is questioning is the fact that he is a rapist. The travesty here is that he was not arrested years ago. Sure his victim has forgiven him and that is good for her and him, but forgiveness is not the basis of the law justice is, and justice has not been served. Bring this rapist back to the United States and hold him responsible for his criminal actions.

American Justice: Michael Vick 2 years for Animal Abuse, Plaxico Burress 20 months for Illegal Weapons, Roman Polanski, Academy Award for Child Rape

Film director Roman Polanski raped a 13 year old girl over 30 years ago. He fled the country and has not lived like a nomadic fugitive, but as a celebrated directer. Over the weekend he was finally arrested in Zurich, Switzerland. Now authorities are debating whether or not he will be brought back to the United States to answer for his misdeeds. The girl that he raped is now in her mid forties and she says she has forgiven him, but is this enough.  He will probably fight extradition, but where is the justice in this situation. Polanski is an old man now, but he has been allowed to pursue his craft as if the crime never happened. He should be brought back to the United States and he should serve time for his crime. This is a country that jailed Michael Vick for his despicable cruelty to animals, Plaxico Burress was sent to prison for an illegal weapons charge. Polanski’s crime was even more heinous. He stole the innocence of a child and even though the child is now an adult it does not lessens the crime. Bring him back and let him experience some American Justice.