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Why did Roland Martin offer to shine Bill O’Reilly’s shoes?

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Roland Martin brought the heat to Sunday Morning

Is Roland Martin right? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Why do the Millenials hate their elders in the movement?

Last night I watched Roland Martin’s townhall held in Baltimore and televised on TVOne. The event was held at the HBCU Morgan State. The event featured a panel and he also gave members of the community an opportunity to share their stories. The conversation centered around the Freddie Gray case, but other similar cases were also discussed. Several young people shared their stories, but one recurring theme was the disdain for organized groups. More than once the NAACP and Urban league were maligned. The young people claimed these groups were offering nothing and the grass roots organization were more valuable to the movement. Some members of the NAACP challenged the assertions but that did not keep the group including panelist Member Jeff Johnson of taking his shot. The question is do these century old organizations have a role now, and if so what should they be doing? Or do you think it is time to retirement them and concentrate on grass root organizations? Share your thoughts.

Armstrong Williams questions Jamal Bryant’s statistics and Bryant questions Williams blackness?

This morning I was watching Roland Martin’s show NewsOne Now. His guests included Rev. Jamal Bryant and conservative Armstrong Williams. The discussion centered around a march scheduled for next week in Florida. The issue is revisiting the Stand Your Ground law. Bryant quoted a statistic and Willaims challenged it and then the discussion went off the rails. Bryant challenged Williams to “be black for one day.” The remark was way below the belt. Not all blacks think alike. In america there is room for all of us and to challenge a person’s blackness simply because they don’t support your position is simply wrong. After the break williams apologized to the Rev. if he offended him but the Rev. did not do likewise and that was disappointing.

Roland Martin and panel address the question “is Jason Collins a hero”?

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Michael Eric Dyson and Sophia Nelson Round 2- MSNBC Ed Show

Last week Michael Eric Dyson called out Roland Martin, Rev. Jamal Bryant and Sophia Nelson on the same sex marriage issue. He did it without giving them the opportunity to respond. Last night Sophia Nelson did get that opportunity to eloquently render her biblically sanctioned response. Dyson did apologize for the initial way he handled it, but he stood by his opinion. Dyson has evolved like the president and the evolutionists believe everyone should make the transition, but Nelson like many in the faith community have not.

Michael Eric Dyson calls gay marriage critics “sexual rednecks”…does he think name-calling is going to change hearts and minds?

President Obama took a bold stand last week when he endorsed gay marriage. He said that over the years his opinion has evolved. Some in the black community do not agree with the president and they have been equally verbal in their opposition. On MSNBC The Ed Show last week Michael Eric Dyson decided to call out three opponents by name: Sophia Nelson, Roland Martin and Rev. Jamal Bryant. I am sure Dyson’s comments were embraced by the gay community, but is this what we have come to? If you don’t agree with the president you are somehow backwards? You are worthy of disdain and public rebuke? This is not productive. Was the president a “sexual redneck” prior to his Wednesday statement? share your thoughts.

SOPHIA NELSON’S RESPONSE TO DYSON’S STATEMENTShttp://www.prlog.org/11873404-author-columnist-political-pundit-sophia-nelson-responds-to-msnbcs-prof-michael-dyson-rant.html

Why do we refuse to talk about black on black crime?

Last night Rev. CL Bryant and Roland Martin appeared on CNN to discuss the Trayvon Martin case, the conversation soon turned to Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson’s involvement in the Martin case. Bryant accused them of exploiting it and Martin defended their involvement in it, but when the subject of black on black crime came up Martin seemingly backed away. Why? Some say we should not discuss it in the same breath with the Trayvon Martin case, but sadly it might actually be the right time to put the spotlight on this issue. When do you actually get the national spotlight on a minority issue? Tell me what you think.


Twitter is all in Fun, Until it Isn’t, great piece in the NYT

In light of Roland Martin being the latest victim of 140 characters via Twitter this New York times piece spells out the dangers of this quick mode of communications:

CNN Suspends Roland Martin for controversial tweets, was this the right decision?

CNN Roland Martin has been suspended from his CNN job for tweets he made during the Super Bowl. Some in the gay community particularly GLAAD called for CNN to fire him, but at this point they have not made that leap. Some say that mrtin has a history of offending the gay community. it is interesting that no one called for Martin to be released from his job at TV One, a network that caters to African Americans. Wonder why? Did CNN make the right decision? http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2012/02/cnn-suspends-roland-martin-for-super-bowl-tweets.html