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The View Crew grills side chick Rielle Hunter

Reille Hunter is out promoting her new book and this morning she visited The View. The ladies came at her with their claws drawn. We all know that Hunter had an affair with John Edwards while he was married to the late Elizabeth Edwards. Hunter says some very unkind words about Elizabeth Edwards and the ladies asked her wife would she dod that. Her response is that the public view the late Mrs. Edwards as a saint and John Edwards as a demon and it is more complex than that, but was this her place to do? The other thing that is interesting is seeing how barbara Walters shows total disdain for Hunter, but Walters herself also had an affair with a married Senator back in the day. Hunter was a mistress and now she says she wants to be viewed as a mom, but it is hard to see her in this narrow view.

The View Barbara Walters says John Edwards does not care about his child

Today the ladies of The View were discussing the John Edwards case. In discussing the trial Barbara Walters said Edwards never cared about Rielle Hunter, and she went a step further by saying he did not care about the child he fathered with Hunter. Some of her co-hosts challenged her assessment, but the Queen of Talk did not back down. It is one thing for her to take shots at Edwards he might deserve it, but the child is now 4 years old, and it is just reckless and cruel to bring the innocent child into any discussion of the misdeeds of the parents. Shame on you Babs.

Is Oprah Winfrey Really going to interview Rielle Hunter?

Oprah Winfrey is going to interview Rielle Hunter in May according to the National Enquirer and it must be true after all they were the first paper to break the john Edwards story.  My question is why would Winfrey want to interview her? The easy answer is she will get incredible ratings as she allows Hunter share her version of her relationship with John Edwards. Do we want to really hear more from Hunter? We have heard her tell how she and “Johnnie” were so in love. We have heard her describe the evil side of cancer survivor Elizabeth Edwards. Frankly, I think we have given this woman more attention than she is worth, but obviously I am espousing a minority view becase Winfrey seems to know what her people want, and they must want to hear the real story from Rielle.

It’s Officially a Whore’s Market

 Over the past few days we have seen Rielle Hunter feign dismay at the photos she voluntarily took for Esquire magazine. We also saw her bad mouth Elizabeth Edwards in an article in that same magazine. Michelle McGee reportedly had an affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James. McGee reportedly sold her story to In Touch magazine for $30,000. She claims to have had an affair with him that lasted for 11 months. Throughout the awards season Bullock has gushed effusively over her roughneck spouse. James has issued an apology denying the majority of the accusations. Over the past few months we have all seen or heard from numerous women who claimed to have slept with Tiger Woods. They have all gladly shared their stories for a price. So what does this say about us? It says we are reading and watching these women as they step to the microphone and share their sordid tales. Media outlets know there is a market that craves all the salacious details of these affairs and they will pay to play. So that leaves us with one question: who is the whore in the relationship? The women that sleep with married men or the media that will pay for the rights to publish the sleaze?