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NFL sees pattern of harrassment in Incognito Probe

Is this the player’s fault, the team’s fault or the league? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Richie Incognito says he is not a racist

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

NFL player was being bullied you have got to be kidding

When I first heard that an NFL player was claiming to be the victim of bullying I must admit that I laughed. The thought of one of these huge mountain men being the victim of bullying seemed ridiculous, but the laughing stopped when I started reading the facts. Miami Dolphin Jonathan Martin claims his veteran teammate Richie Incognito has been brutally harassing him. The harassment has included racial epithets, threats of murder and threats to family members. The behavior went way beyond rookie hazing. The behavior seems almost criminal, but the big question for me is how did this terrorism go on without management’s knowledge? The Miami Dolphins are standing around looking stunned but they know what goes on in their own locker room. Bad behavior is an accepted part of professional sports. Richie Incognito was a leader in the locker room and he had power sanctioned by the team and he abused that power when he allegedly abused Martin. What makes this story different is it has gone from being an ESPN story to being a CNN story. Sure now there will be an investigation because we know about it. Martin left the team last week because he was done with it but he did not say why. Martin feared if he outed the team he might not be able to get on another NFL team. He was content to be silent until the Miami Dolphins dismissed the suggestion that there was something amiss in the team locker room. Martin’s agent produced voicemails that may be the thing that substantiates Martin’s claim. The sad thing is that NFL players around the league see this situation differently. Some thing Incognito crossed the line and other simply think this is normal locker room high jinks. It will be interesting to see if Martin finds another team. The word is the Miami Dolphins are cutting their ties with Incognito, but how will martin fare some will see him as a whiner, a snitch, not a team player and being a part of a team is why Martin suffered in silence.

Was Miami Dolphin Jonathan Martin a victim of bullying?

When I fist heard about an NFL player claiming that he was a victim of bullying I laughed. I just never thought of big guys in professional sports being bullied by teammates. Jonathan Martin claims he was and he left the team.
artinalso contend that he rceived racially charged threats fom teammate Richie Incognito. Read the linked story and share your thughts. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/jonathan-martin-richie-incognito-racially-charged-texts-voicemails-miami-dolphins-nflpa-investigation