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Have the problems of Jesse Jackson Jr. silenced his father?

Interesting story regarding Rev. Jesse Jackson and how his son’s issues might tarnish his legacy. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.



If Carol Mosely Braun is elected mayor who will be running Chicago?

Former Senator Carol Mosely Braun is now the only African American candidate for mayor of Chicago. Congressman Danny Davis is out and Braun has declared herself as the most qualified candidate for the job, but what role will Jesse Jackson play in her run? Is this the image she wants to convey to the people. Jackson’s opinion carries weight in Chicago, but he also comes with alot of baggage and it is makes one wonder will Braun be able to build a consesus with other ethnic groups in the city if she is seen as being to closely aligned to Jesse Jackson. Tell me what you think.


Tavis, where has the love gone?


A picture is worth 1000 words. What does this picture say? It just does not look like a lovefest. Smiley and some of the notables that took part in his discussion in Chicago look defeated, but why? Yes, things are not good in Black America. We have the largest percent of unemployed workers  and there are no jobs to be had in our community, but what can be done to change this situation? This is not a situation that we got into overnight and it can not just be solved by the president. Yes, our issues are important but the president is president to all the people, and whether Smiley accepts it or not there is not going to be a black agenda in this current administration. Smiley said “We love Barack Obama. We want him to be a great president. We believe he can be a great president, but great presidents aren’t born, they are made. They have to be pushed into their greatness. They are pushed into their greatness when we hold them accountable.” I agree with Smiley on this point but we must all be accountable including Smiley.

The Banks Are Getting Bailed Out As They Put the Screws on the American Public

Yesterday I watched a man say that he paid all his bills on time and that his credit card rate had doubled. The irony is the bank that holds his loan is the recipient of bailout dollars. So while the American taxpayer is propping these failing institutes up they are taking our money and thinking of new ways to make our lives miserable.  When members of Congress are questioned about the banks contemptible practices they simply say we are going to talk to them about the rates, but that is not enough. If our money is helping to keep these institutes afloat we should be able to tell them to stop the usury rates not simply suggest that they do the right thing. Rev. Jesse Jackson is starting a movement to see if the rates that students are charged for their loans can be adjusted. Jackson said. “If banks can be bailed out at one percent, why not students? If the government can borrow money at below-market interest rates, then so should students. Our point is this: reduce the interest rate on federally subsidized student loans to one percent.” These are hard times for everyone and things can not just be adjusted to help the upper half and while the rest of America tries desperately to hang on to the bottom wrung.