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Interesting how Megyn Kelly can get all up in Rev. Al’s face, but where is this Kelly when she meets with Donald Trump?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Rev. Al’s interesting perspective on Donald Trump

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Rev. Al and Sarah Palin on the SNL40 Red Carpet…Yes, Hell has Frozen Over

al and sarah
No words.

Rev. Al was an FBI informant 30 years ago…why is this news today?

Yesterday old news surfaced regarding Al Sharpton. Sharpton was an FBI informant back in the eigthies. He actually wore a wire and taped his conversations with some mob heavyweights. He says that he was dealing with corruption in the music business. Since the eighties Sharpton has turned his life around and now he is a respected member of the media community. He is still reviled by some but is this type of journalism fair? If we are the land of second chances are we willing to accept the Sharpton of today or do we vilify him for his behavior over 30 years ago? Share your thoughts.


What is a National Conversation on Race?

In light of the Trayvon Martin case everyone in the media is talking about having a conversation on race. How can we talk about the Martin shooting without talking about race, and if we do that does that broaden the discussion. Today on Meet the Press New York Times columnist David Brooks made an interesting and controversial point. Brooks said “I have a little concerned this is going to become a very easy and comfortable conversation that we all condemn some racist out there. And, you know, there are people shot every day. And the causes for most of those shootings are incredibly complicated, having to do with economic problems, having to do with family problems, having to do with drug and gang culture. And some of the people I’ve mentioned and some of the rallies we’ve got broadened out to those shootings, the shootings of that in every day. And that’s a much more difficult conversation because it involves a lot more complicated issues.” So is this the discussion we really want to have or do we want to have a discussion that is incident specific? It is difficult to have a conversation with someone when they are angry. They don’t hear you. Sure they will look at you but they won’t listen. Black people are tired of being profiled, stereotyped, ignored, targeted, disrespected, and these are not even the top ten complaints. I’m sure white people are sick of being blamed for everything that has gone wrong in the lives of some black people, they are tired of hearing how slavery still affects black people today, and they are tired of trying to cherry pick their words for fear of offending some among us. So both whites and blacks are sick and tired, and aren’t we all simply sick and tired of being sick and tired? So if both parties come to table saddled down with their own baggage how or is it possible to sort it out? So who could actually facilitate a productive dialogue or is it whimsy to imagine that this conversation could actually happen? Tell me what you think.

Donald Trump Accsuses Jon Stewart of Racism…does he have a point?

The Donald is accusing Jon Stweart of racism in his assessment of the Herman Cain controversy. Trump asks where are the defenders of the black race he calls out for al Sharpton, Jesse jackson and even sleepy eyed NBC Chuck Todd, but did Stewart cross the line. Watch the clip and tell me what you think.


Rev. Al Sharpton is the newest MSNBC Host, can he serve two masters?

Rev. Al Sharpton was officially tapped to be an MSNBC host today. Rev. Al is also the head of the National Action Network a political activist group. How will he reconcile his two roles? Can he? How will he seperate his advocacy from his “journalist” role, but he is not a traditional journalist which has been a bone of contention in some sectors of the journalist community. It will be interseting to watch to see if these two roles can peacefully exist at the anchor desk. Tell me what you think about Re. Al’s latest role.

MSNBC Pat Buchanan calls the President “boy”…was this racist or was this part of an analogy?

While appearing on Al Sharpton’s show last night he refered to the president as “your boy”. Sharpton corrected him and said Barack Obama is the president, and he is nobody’s boy. This morning while appearing on Morning Joe Buchanan apologized for using the word boy in reference to the president. He contends he was using a fighter analogy. Buchanan has a history of racially insensitive statements. Was this another one? Watch the link and tell me what you think.

Rev. Al to be MSNBC Host?

Rev. Al Sharpton will soon be hosting the 6PM show on MSNBC. I saw him last week and he seemed a little uncomfortable. Sharpton replaces Cenk Uygur wh claims he was let go because the “people in Washington” had a problem with his tone. Uygur says he was viewed as “anti-establishment”. That is why the idea of Sharpton replacing Uygur is so ironic. For years Sharpton was viewed as anti-establishment and now Sharpton is viewed as an insider. My how times have changed.



Rick Santorum and Rev. Al Sharpton debate race and the right to life

Fox News Sean Hannity hosted a lively discussion between former Senator Rick Santorum and Rev. Al Sharpton. Santorum recently threw down the race card against the president in a discussion regarding when does life began. Santorum is not backing down and Sharpton is not backing up. Watch the clip and tell me what you think.