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Note to the GOP Presidential Candidates: Foreign Policy Matters

The economy is the issue of the election, but it is not the only issue. Foreign policy still matters and if one of the GOP contenders occupies the White House he or she is going to have to know something about foreign matters. Michele Bachmann made a statement that indicated she did not know Libya was in Africa and Herman Cain has seemingly reveled in his lack of knowledge. Not all of them have this dearth of knowledge, but sadly the ones that know the most: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman are not contenders. This morning Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post offers an interesting perspective on the dearth of foreign policy knowledge.

Why did Mitt Romney pull this ad?

Mitt Romney’s team posted this ad on youtube last night. It has since been pulled. CNN said they did not have clearance to use the clips. Do you think that is the only reason? Watch the ad and tell me what you think.

Rick Perry called Herman Cain “Brother” during the debate is this a problem?

I have watched all of the Republican debates and last night was the most animated. During the debate Rick Perry referred to Herman Cain as “brother.” I was on Twitter throughout the debate and several people were disturbed because Perry did not address any of the candidates like this. I have the link to a Washington Post story on the issue. Read it and tell me if you think this is a problem?

Why is Newt Gingrich still on stage?

I watched last night’s Republican debate and my takeaway is like the rest of America: it is a two-person race now and Newt “ain’t” one of them. Sure there are other people vying for the Republican nomination, but last night the others on stage had as much impact on the discussion as their podiums did. Last night was an opportunity for the American public to hear what the candidates stood for and an opportunity for them to explain some of their more controversial stances, but Newt took the opportunity to lecture the media. It was clear to the audience that every candidate on that stage was against the current president. We already knew they are united on one point, and that is President Obama must go so why did Newt feel scold the media and say they were trying to get the Republican candidates to fight each other. The truth is the purpose of the debate is to see the differences in the candidates. To actually ascertain their problem solving skills and that in fact highlights their differences. So the argument that the media was trying to get the candidates to fight is as old and tired as Newt’s rhetoric.