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Fox News Sean Hannity gets an earful from Rep. Keith Ellison

This is an intersting exchange. My question is was the Congressman out of line. Keep in mind when you go on Fox News you know what to expect. Is bashing the host the road to victory? Share your thoughts.

Rep. Keith Ellison calls his opponent Chris Fields a “scumbag”

Debates used to be an opportunity to hear both candidates share their vision for the future. Lately they have become shouting matches and an opportunity to hurl insults. Rep. Keith Ellison called his opponent “scumbag” at a debate held today. Read the linked story for all details, and share your thoughts. http://2012.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/10/keith-ellison-chris-fields-debate-scumbag.php?ref=fpnewsfeed

Was Rep. Keith Ellison fake crying?

A couple of days ago I watched Rep. Keith Ellison address the Homeland Security Committee on the issue of Radicalization of the American Muslims. Ellison shared an emotional story of an American Muslim who sacrificed his life helping fellow Americans during 9/11. As Ellison related the story he was reduced to tears. It was some very emotional testimony. Today I read the attached article regarding that testimony and the writer contends the tears were fake. He goes on to call them the “tears of a clown”.  The Daily Caller tends to be the news tailored to the far right, but really is everything fair game. Is everything political. This just seems mean spirited and not based on facts.


Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison Weeps at Hearing

Is this what we want to see? A Muslim-American Congressman weeping as he recounts the heroics of a fellow Muslim-American. At this point we don’t know how these hearings will turn out, but we do know that they have been a lightning rod for controversy. It is yet to be seen if anything productive will come from them, but this is not a good visual for our country.