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Survivor Finale and Domestic Violence and the Apology that fell flat

I watched last night’s Survivor finale and they showed a clip of a male contestant telling a female contestant to be quiet and that he wished someone would slap her. She revealed that she and her mother had been victims of domestic violence. The men apologized and said had they known her background they never would have made the remark, but that too was disturbing. You shouldn’t say someone should be slapped even if you don’t know their background.

American Idol judge Nicki Minaj feuds with ousted contestant…could this be one of the reasons ratings are slipping?

If you were a judge making millions of dollars on a major competition reality show would you engage in a Twitter war with a rejected contestant? Isn’t that shooting down? Nicki Minaj must not feel that way because she has been busy on Twitter. Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


Bravo TV Married to Medicine was one hot mess

Bravo TV prides itself in creating reality television shows with little or no connection to reality and Married to Medicine is the latest one to hit the screen. I am by no means a reality tv snob, but this one is pure unadulterated trash. Yes, I said it–trash. I have never met any doctor wives or doctors who would act like this on a bet. I never would have bothered to even post about this show until I saw this clip. A Howard University medical student started a petition to dump this show. Not a fan of petitions to stop shows. If you don’t like it don’t watch it, but that’s my opinion, but if this student felt that she needed to do something more power to her, and to see this group taking shots at the student is really in very poor taste, but after watching the first 10 minutes of the show what should I have expected. Ladies, please leave the medical student alone. She was doing what she felt she needed to do, and you all are doing what you are being paid to do.

Was CBS Survivor irresponsible for casting Brandon Hantz?

I watch Survivor and last night will go down as a pivotal episode. Brandon Hantz, nephew of Survivor villian Russell had the meltdowns of meltdowns. He was so off the hook that an emergency tribal council was had to dispense with him quickly, but my question is didn’t the producers of the show know this guy was crazy from the jump? Yes they knew because he was on before and he did not go out like this but he showed he was not dealing with a full deck, but this kind of behavior makes good tv. No it doesn’t it makes the viewer uncomfortable. Viewers like drama but mental illness is not entertainment and last night that’s what we saw and that might bring in ratings but it is irresponsible to have a guy battling demons and forcing his castmates to watch. If you watched the show share your thoughts.

Holly Robinson Peete says her family is too happy for reality television

Reality televsion is hardly real. It is full of conflict, drama and fighting. If you are willing to act a fool on a weekly basis you might be able to carve out a very lucrative career. Holly Robinson Peete was on Celebrity Apprentice a couple of years ago and after the show she thought that maybe her family might do a reality show, but she found out that her family was simply too nice, She explains, “We’ve been approached many times, and we actually shot a pilot for a reality show. The feedback was like, ‘Maybe you guys are a little too happy’. I think they need a little bit more drama, so I might need to flip some tables. I told my kids the good news is we’re pretty good. We have our problems just like everybody else, but the reality show world is a slippery slope so maybe it’s better that we don’t (have a show).” The question is would you watch a show about a nice family?

What is going to happen to Basketball Wives?

This season Basketball Wives has been interesting because of the viewer backlash. Adult bullying was on full display and the women went from simply verbal assault to vicious physical assault. So VH1 and Shed Media were forced to do some soul searching and the promise is next season we will see a kinder, gentler Basketball Wives. The ringmaster of this circus has been Shaunie O’Neal. O’Neal has always portrayed herself as an observer. She never got her hands dirty, she let her minions do the dirty work while she gave the big eyed innocent look. On the season finale O’Neal consulted her pastor and asked him should she leave the show? We know she won’t the money is simply too good, but this season O’Neal’s mask was pulled off and she is as guilty as the ladies throwing blows.

Atlanta Real Housewife NeNe leakes says “white is right”…yes this is 2012

If you are over the age of 30 you might have heard the following statement “white is right, if you are brown stick around and if you are black get back”. In 2009 Rev. James Lowrey said this at the Obama inauguration, but he is 90 years old. It’s something that was often said back in the day, but seldom uttered in this century. That’s why it was surprising to hear NeNe Leakes say “white is right” tonight. She said this because she is currently dating a white guy, but the irony of this episode is her black son had just been released from jail and her soon to be ex black husband was trying to impart some wisdom and motivate the son. She even complimented her soon to be ex in a sideline interview, but she had no problem repeating the aged refrain. It’s 2012 and we are still repeating the sad statements made by our oppressed ancestors. It’s time to wake up.

E Network Defends Decision to Rerun the Kardashian Wedding

It is impossible to escape the Kardashian debacle. It is everywhere. the news networks, the entertainment networks, and the talk shows. We have seen Kim look pathetic as she laments the end of the marriage and asks for privacy and time to heal. Really??? This from a woman who burst into the public conscience via a sex tape. The marriage lasted for 72 days. Now E has announced that it wil re-air the event next week. Is that so bad? No, because this is reality televsion where nothing is really real. So next week viewers will get another opportunity to watch this spectacle of excess, but this time no one will wonder whether this couple will have a happy ending we all know how it ends…divorce court. Oh, that’s an idea maybe they can appear on Divorce Court.


Reality Star Nene Leakes is Seriously in Need of a Reality Check

A few days ago I wrote of the battle between Nene Leakes and Star Jones. One of the comments I received was “who is Nene”?. I really forgot most of America does not know her since her claim to fame is Bravo TV Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her appearance on NBC Apprentice this March will probably make her a household name, but at what cost? She has been going on various talk shows beefing with Star Jones and we have seen her in the promos for the show hurl insults at various cast mates, but the other day I saw her do something that was simply vile. She was shown mocking Marlee Matlin.  Matlin who is deaf uses sign language and there was Leakes using her hands in a feeble attempt at humor. Is this what we have come to? We have Leakes acting as a loud bully doing non sensical hand gestures? This is not funny and NBC, the Apprentice and Nene Leakes should be ashamed, but if the rating go through the roof they will simply say this is must see television.

Celebrity Apprentice or is it the Last landing for has Beens and launching pads for Wanna Bees?

Yesterday I saw the list of participants for the next cycle of NBC Celebrity Apprentice. Three names jumped out to me for very different reasons. Star Jones, Dionne Warwick and NeNe Leekes will be on the show. Star Jones was once a cohost on The View, she has also been a legal correspondent for various cable outlets and she is an attorney. Dionne Warwick is an accomplished singer and a multi Grammy award winner, and finally we have NeNe Leekes the star of the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It is sad to see Jones and Warwick participating in this sham. They were real celebrities and at this point their stars have dimmed and they feel their appearances might help them reclaim some of the shine. On the other hand this kind of circus is tailor made for the likes of Leekes who is trying to broaden her brand. This is definitely not must see tv because the reality is it is just plain sad.