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Ray Lewis, slavery was never about togetherness

A few days ago I  posted Ray Lewis’ passionate rant. He addressed black on black crime and the role of Black Lives Matter. Last night I listened to Rev. Jamal Bryant’s response to him which prompted me to take another listen to it. I was struck by Lewis’ reference to how together we were when we were slaves and I must say I was taken aback. Slavery was not about togetherness or unity. We as a people were not. My pastor often uses this analogy, “you can tie two cats tails together and they will be unified, but they are not in unity”. Yes we were often chained together as slaves, but make no mistake we were not in unity. We were in bondage. Two very different concepts. Slavery was about business and we were chattel (property). We had no rights and the master did all he could to make sure we had no opinions and they tried their best to keep us from forming any unifying bonds. So let’s stop looking back through a whimsical lens. Slavery was brutal, but is was legal. We were not together we were just a collection of human beings owned by another human being  and there is nothing in that that is worthy of celebration.

Ray Lewis goes off on Black Lives Matter…does he have a point or does he miss the point?

Ray Lewis is a passionate guy. He has Black Lives Matters in his crosshairs, but is he missing the point of their mission? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Ray Lewis said the Patriots had to know something about the activities of Aaron Hernandez…did the Ravens know who Lewis was hanging with in 2000?

Ray Lewis, former Baltimore Raven and arguebly the greatest linebacker of his era made his ESPN debut yesterday. Lewis asserted that the Patriots had to know something about Aaron Hernadez’ activities, but that begs the question what do the teams know about the things players do on their off hours. Lewis was involved in an incident at the 2000 Super Bowl in Atlanta in which 2 men lost their lives. Lewis eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser charge but did the Ravens know who he was associating with? Lewis needs to be careful because you need to be without sin before you cast stones, and most of us are not.


The gospel according to Ray Lewis…who is listening?

Interesting perspective on Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis. He is loud about his faith and some people are sick of it, but others including me love it. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Why would Dan Patrick ask Joe Flacco if Ray Lewis scares him?

Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis is passionate about football, and he is not afraid to show it. He plays hard and he is an inspiration to his team. His teammates respect his play and yes his passion. Tonight Flacco was interviewed during the half time of the Pro Bowl NBC Dan Patrick asked Flacco if Ray Lewis scared him. Patrick must have pulled this question out of his stupid question file. One is left wondering why would he ask this question. Share your thoughts.

Is America sick of Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis preaching?

Ray Lewis has a testimony and he shares it freely with everyone. He does not pretend to be a perfect man, but he like all of us is flawed. Over the past few days I have heard sportscasters on ESPN say they are sick of him. So what are they sick of? Lewis motivates his team and the citizens of Baltimore. It is interesting that after the New England Patriots lost Sunday night Wes Welker’s wife chose direct the world to to Lewis’ Wikapedia page and read about the future hall of famer. there the reader would read about his children, girlfriends and legal issues. All of this is true, but does that explain her husband’s butter fingers? Welker has been dropping passes since last year. She has since apologized, but I for one and not tired of Lewis sharing his testimony and like it or not he will be doing just that until Superbowl Sunday.

Peyton Manning is a class act

peyton Manning and Ray lewis
Ray Lewis is a beloved figure here in the Baltimore area. On Saturday there was a collective cheer when the Ravens beat the Broncos, but this picture is more about Peyton Manning than Lewis. Manning was terribly disappointed, but he showed that he is a class act. This photo was taken after all the press conferences. Manning waited and greeted Lewis and that says alot about Manning.

Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis is Helping Hudson River Survivor

A couple of months ago a distraught mother drove herself and her kids into the Hudson River. The oldest kid managed to escape but he still needs help. Baltimore raven Ray Lewis and other current and former players have taken an interest in the boy. This morning the Today show profiled his progress.  too often we only talk about athletes when they do something criminal or crazy it is nice to see them doing something good simply because it is the right thing to do.


Baltimore Raven Predicts Crime Spree if NFL Lockout is Not Resolved…Really Ray, C’mon Man

Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis said that there will be evil if there is no football season, and in this case he says evil means crime. Really Ray. Who will be committing the crime? The players? The people who work for the team or the businesses that generate their income off the season? I t was a strong statement made by a strong personality, but it says the players need a season because this is plain crazy talk. Read the article: http://www.emailthis.clickability.com/et/emailThis?clickMap=viewThis&etMailToID=941838993

The Redemption Of Ray Lewis

The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2000. Ray Lewis was the MVP but he was not allowed to utter the phrase “I am going to Disney World”, the quaterback Trent Dilford received that honor. Lewis was involved in an incident the year before in Atlanta and in which two people were killed. Lewis was in Atlanta for the Super Bowl and he was travelling with an entourage. someone in that group knows what actually happened that night. Lewis pled guilty to obstrution of justice which was a misdemeanor. After the incident Ray Lewis unlike so many of today’s athlete’s stayed on the straight and narrow. No he is not Saint Ray, but he is committed to doing good in the Baltimore neighborhoods. His foundation has furnished children with school supplies, he gives away Thanksgiving baskets, and Christmas presents to the children of Baltimore. Lewis has done alot of growing up over the last 10 years, and now it is good to see that the national companies like Old Spice are seeking him out as a product endorser. No one can change their past, but you do have the power to change your future and Lewis has done just that.