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Pennsylvania GOP Senate Hopeful Tom Smith compares rape to having child out of wedlock

Somebody really needs to define rape to Senate hopeful Tom Smith. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


New York Weather Girl, Heidi Jones Lies About Being Raped…and blames a Hispanic Man

Back in the day if a white woman said she was raped by a black man or any minority the police started looking for the culprit and in some cases if they did not find one they simply blamed it on one. The police now take a little time and actually evaluate the story. Weatherperson Heidi Jones claimed she had been raped by an Hispanic man, but she has now recanted the story, but what makes a woman lie about such a heinous crime and why pin the lie on a minority? I am not looking for an answer because I already know that minorities are perceived as being “scary” so they think the police will simply react, but times are changing and in some cases that change has actually infiltrated the police department.


Baltimore Sun Columnist Susan Reimer Excuses Ben Roethlisberger and Insults All Women

Today I read a column written by Susan Reimer of the Baltimore Sun that basically excuses the behavior or Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger. The first lines of her article set the table for her senseless logic. Reimer said “Steelers QB’s sex scandal lifts the veil on an out-of-control bar culture few in the older generation can understand.” Her contention is the young woman got very drunk and she supposedly wore a suggestive button and Roethlisberger just reacted like any other man would have reacted under similar circumstance. If you read her article you feel that he is the victim and her out of control drunkeness made him do it.  Her description of the situation is infuriating “Big Ben was celebrating his 28th birthday in a Georgia college town last month, and he got tangled up, according to officials, in a “dingy” bar bathroom with a “highly intoxicated,” 20-year-old college student who filed a sexual assault complaint against him — and then asked the authorities not to pursue it.” What the heck is tangled up?  She goes on to say ” that Mr. Roethlisberger celebrated his birthday bar-hopping with a bunch of buddies and buying shots for the women they encountered is not uncommon these days, whether you are a Super Bowl -winning quarterback or not. That a crude game of grabbing ensued with the sorority girls in the bar is also not a surprise. After all, the young woman in question was wearing a DTF (“Down to F—“) pin, which signaled her willingness to have sex, whether she really meant it or not. ” I don’t care if the young woman was wearing a bikini and a sign saying meet me at my car for a hook-up if after the man comes to a car she says no it means no. This column is an example of blame the victim. Is the young woman guiltless? No her behavior was reckless and Roethlisberger saw an opportunity and he took advantage of it. Although he was not charged he is being punished by his team and the league because while his conduct might not have been criminal it was wrong and to have a woman write a column like this is disturbing on so many levels. I have attached a link to the column so you can read it for yourself. Tell me what you think.


When is Rape Not Rape…When Roman Polanski Commits It

 For the past several days I have watched so many people try to define rape. On the view Whoopi Goldberg said “there is rape and then there is rape.” This morning Matt Lauer interviewed Sharon Tate’s sister who is the sister-in-law of Polanski. She said there are degrees of rape. Well I must have missed the memo on this distinction. This man had sex with a 13 year old girl. A 13 year old girl can not go on a school field trip without a permission slip from her parents. So it suffices to say a 13 year old can not have consensual sex. For the past few days I have seen so many high profile people justify this man’s action. All rapists do not hold a knife to the neck of the victim. Rape is an abuse of power. So often I have politicians say that the people in Hollywood don’t see the world like the rest of America and I have always thought talk like this was over the top, but I am starting to see some validity in this thought pattern. What Polanski did was rape. Plain and simple, this was not some exotic, romantic romp. This was a grown man having sex with a child and not only was it wrong it was rape.

The Tragedy of the Hofstra University “Rape”

 When a woman cries rape it is a serious charge. When a woman says no it means no. Last week a Hofstra University student said she had been raped by five young men. They were arrested and held until the woman recanted her story. One of the students had a video tape showing that the sex was consensual. They were released and now some of the young men are saying their reputations have been irreparably harmed. The fact is they did not rape her they just gang banged her and taped it. Fortunately, the tape led to their release, but let’s not give these guys halos. When did it become acceptable for five guys to have sex with one woman? Did any of these guys think although she said yes there was really something wrong with this scenario? When a woman cries rape and she has not been it makes it hard for all future rape victims and that is the real shame in this situation. She falsely accused five men of rape and that was wrong, they did not rape her, but they are hardly innocent.