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Bill Clinton talks about the “awful legacy”…who is he talking about? President Obama or the Republicans

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

President Obama did not create Trump the GOP opposition did

Interesting article. Read it and share your thoughts.

When did the GOP debates turn into the Fight Club?

I used to laugh when I saw video of politicians in other countries fighting. I am talking a, but about physical fighting. I knew that kind of behavior would never happen here, but now I am not so sure. After watching last Thursday’s GOP debate I am starting to think we are one step shy of a physical altercation. One has to wonder how long can grown men call each other names, talk about each other’s mothers, brothers and husband/wives ¬†before someone takes a swing at the perpetrator. Are we one step shy of anarchy? When did campaigns turn into reality television? Did it happen with the advent of 24 hour news? We all know that the news channels like any other channel crave ratings and this political cycle is proving to be a ratings boon. The problem is we are talking about the future of the country. Do you remember when members of Congress used to refer to each other as the Distinguished Gentlemen? What happened? When did disrespect become the language of the political class? Over the past 8 years we have seen this anger build to this boiling point. We have heard words hurled at our president that would have never been tolerated but the words were embraced by some and allowed by others. So here we are watching the gladiators go at it and wondering what will we gain from this. Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump is going to be so good to the African American community…really?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

President says you know its Black History Month when you here…

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Fox News Analyst calls President Obama a “pussy”… when did this become acceptable?

Whether you like the president or not doesn’t the office deserve respect? Share your thoughts.

Marketing Fear: Isis and the Media

Isis has the whole world on alert. They are killers that show no mercy. What they do is news and worthy of reporting, but has the media gone too far? Over the past few days have they moved from reporting the events to marketing fear? The networks show the huge graphics Terror in Paris. They play videos showing the violence and the carnage over and over again. What is the point and what is this doing to the public? Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump is still a Birther

Last night Donald Trump held a townhall meeting. Someone in the crowd said President Obama was a Muslim. Trump did not correct the potential voter, but why would he? Trump is a birther and apparently some of his followers are too. Trump will get a little heat from the media but that’s it. He won’t correct or apologize because that is not his brand. On to the next faux outrage.

We Shall Overcome, but when?

Today I have been consumed by rage. ¬†How could someone come into a church sit in a Bible study class and then kill 9 people. I have watched and listened to some of the church members and family members share their thoughts. They have talked about how their faith will sustain them. I am left in awe to see how they can move from the immediacy of the tragedy to an embrace of their faith. Where is the anger? Where is the rage?The Bible says you can be angry but sin not. Anger is an acceptable response to anarchy. Sometimes I think people of faith attempt to be too stoic in the midst of chaos. It is ok to be mad, it is ok to ask why. We don’t have to stand strong all the time. We can weep, we can rant, we don’t have to be the MLK for the new millennial. Today anger is acceptable–embrace it. #Just1Day.

President Obama says violence in Baltimore is “counter-productive”

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