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How could Bill Clinton, a savvy politician be so stupid?

I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton in the fall but why do they make it so difficult? Why would Bill Clinton board Loretta Lynch’s plane in the middle of the email controversy? They are not friends. He had no reason other than to make an attempt to plead for his wife. Who asked him to do it? why did she let him on? Did it not cross her mind that this was not the right thing to do? Meetings like this are never private. This was in a word stupid and a seasoned politician like Bill Clinton should have known better.

Armstrong Williams sound off on the Clintons…is he right?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Monica Lewinsky will always be a punchline to some

Monica Lewinsky’s name is back in the news. One of Hillary Clinton’s best friend’s personal papers were property of the University of Arkansas are now fodder for some conservative outlets. This morning on The View Barbara Walters was attempting to make a point about Lewinsky, but Sherri Shepard took the opportunity to slip in a cigar joke. Lewinsky will always be a punchline and that is sad. Bill Clinton is now revered in the Democratic party. He is friends with the Bush Family, he is close to the current president and he has the Bill Clinton Global Initiative that draws the great minds of the world, but he is also a president who took advantage of an intern. He has been able to wash the stench of the affair off of him, but she has not been as lucky. What truly galls me is when women take potshots at her. She is somebody’s daughter. No she was not a minor but she was seduced by a very powerful man: The President of the United States. It’s been almost 20 years but people still giggle at the sound of her name and they salute the sound of his, and while that’s not fair, but it is life.

CBS The Talk discussed my Petraeus Tweet

Yesterday I tweeted CBS The Talk and my tweet was read on air. The question was a boader discussion of the Petraeus affair. Who fares worse in an affair the man or the woman. I referenced President Clinton. He is now an elder statesman, a sought after world renoun speaker, and Monica Lewinsky can not get a job. Is this fair? Share your thoughts.

Meg Whitman Campaign Ad Features Bill Clinton…Is this Fair?

Meg Whitman lifted this from the 1992 presidential debate between Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown. So that makes this clip almost 20 years old. How many people still hold the same beliefs they held 20 years ago? Is this fair? What does it say about Meg Whitman’s qualifications to be governor? Is it simply a good ad? Tell me what you think.

Did Former President George W. Bush Wipe His hand After Shaking Hands with a Haitian?

Former Presidents Bush and Clinton are in Haiti at the request of President Obama. They are our good will ambassadors and they are there to make sure funds are going where they should be going, but in ther midst of this mission we have this hand wiping situation. the question is did President Bush wipe his had after shaking the hand of one of the Haitians. Some are saying he did and saying he is a racists. I say look at the tape and make your own decision, but I am not ready to beat the former president up if he did wipe his hand. Have you ever shook hands with someone and they felt clammy or sticky? Did you want to get that off your hand? If anybody should be questioning the incident it is Clinton and he should be asking what did you wipe on my shirt? So let’s lighten up and give Bush a break.

Rudy Giuliani on CNN and Morning Joe Defending Sanford By Throwing Clinton Under the Bus

Master politician Rudy Giuliani appeared on Morning Joe and CNN spouting the new GOP line. When asked  if disgraced Gov. Mark Sanford should resigned he responded well let’s look at Bill Clinton. He said Clinton lied under oath and he did not resign. That does not answer the question. Sandford went AWOL from his state and left his staff scratching their heads. He put his staff and his family in an awkard position. So say this happens on both sides of the aisle is not an answer or a justification for bad behavior.  Sanford was a very visible and vocal critic of the former president. Mitt Romney gave a more enlightened response when he appeared on Meet the Press.  Romney commented on people in public office “people in public life ought to be held to a higher standard. … I heard one … former governor say, ‘Well, everybody makes mistakes.’ Well, that’s true. But not all mistakes are the same. And not everybody is a governor or a senator or a president. And we expect [those] people to live by a higher standard, because what they do is going to be magnified, their families are going to be hurt more by what they do, the things they care about will be hurt, and the culture of the nation
and the people who follow them will be hurt.”  Romney’s response is the kind of response one expects from someone who wants to lead, and Giuliani’s response is the kind one should expect from someone committed to dividing.

Barack Obama Can Handle the Clintons…Don’t Forget He Beat Them


The Clintons are a force to be reckoned with, but Barack Obama showed they are not an unbeatable force. Every since it was announced that Hillary Clinton would (possibly) be named Secretary of State everyone has asked how is the president-elect going to handle this dynamic duo? As Bill Clinton once said you “get two for one”. What people have seemingly forgotten is Obama beat this force of nature. They were Goliath and he was David with the mere “slingshot” he was able to slay them. So now he has selected Hillary Clinton to be his voice on foreign policy and that is what she will be. She will be a cabinet member that is subject to the president. Bill Clinton will not be running anything other than his mouth, and that is his right, but make no mistake Barack Obama can handle the Clintons he has already proved that.  

Hillary Clinton Brings Drama to Team Obama

The old saying goes “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” During the campaign Obama ran a tight ship devoid of drama. His team was effective and efficient, but his transition is seemingly beset with leaks. The Hillary Clinton drama is now in Day 8. All the attention is on her. She has successfully wrestled the decision making from President-elect Obama. The spotlight is squarely on her and that is just how she likes it. If this is how she acts when just considering an offer what kind of control will Obama have over her if she accepts? So what does Team Obama do now? They wait because she has cornered them. Team Obama fought against Clinton for months so we can only say shame on them. As Maya Angelou said “when people show who they are believe them.”

Dealing with the Clintons is Quite Simply Complicated

Will she or won’t she? Does she want the job? Will Bill be a problem? This is what happens when you try to hire a Clinton. The story ceases to be about the Obama administration. It becomes another chapter in the never-ending Clinton soap opera. At this point if they made her an offer she needs to take it, and if they did not make her one it is frankly too late to turn this ship around. President-elect Obama knew what he was dealing with when he invited her to Chicago. He campaigned against her for 18 months so he knows Senator Clinton. The Clintons suck the air out of a room,  and if you tap Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State you will also get Bill. It is a package deal like it or not. This is a fact the Obama team knew going in so now we are simply waiting for the other shoe to drop, and that will happen when the Clintons drop it.