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If you put yourself in harm’s way who is responsible for you?

Recently we have seen journalist and aid workers savagely killed in dangerous countries. In some cases the US has attempted to rescue the individuals, but is the US government responsible for protecting people who put themselves in harm’s way? Share your thoughts,

#ObamaLovesAmerica….why this hashtag speaks volumes

I saw this hashtag on Twitter and thought why would this be trending? I knew that “America’s Mayor” Giuilani had made the statement that the president did not love this country. When the president ran for office in 2008 he was called a terrorist, a secret Muslim and his citizenship was even questioned. The right has this assault of branding the president as “other”. No other president has been painted with brush. Sure all presidents are criticized, but their love of country is not questioned. We assume that if you yearn to lead this country than it is a safe bet that you love the country. How should the president show his love. Should he use the term “Muslim extremists”, will that show his All American credentials? Maybe if he stopped saying things like “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon”. Maybe if he stopped trying to engage young people by taking a selfie in the Oval Office he might not be viewed as “ghetto.” Yes all of these things added up might make him suspect…He might be the leader of the country who does love this country and it sad to see that we need a hashtag to prove it.

Dinesh D’Souza, conservative darling, tweeted “you can take the boy out of the ghetto”

Here is the full quote “YOU CAN TAKE THE BOY OUT OF THE GHETTO…Watch this vulgar man show his stuff, while America cowers in embarrassment.” He called the President a boy and called him ghetto. Racist or just ratchet? Share your thoughts.


James Robertson walks 21 miles a day to go to work…why the media fascination?

James Robertson is a Detroit, Michigan native and he is committed to his job. So committed that he walks 21 miles a day. He has not missed a day of work in 12 years. His story was profiled in the Detroit Free Press. One of the readers set up a go fund me page to solicit money so Robertson can buy a car. As of today over $100,000 has been donated. This is great for Robertson, but he represents a bigger problem. There are thousands of Robertsons working every day for minimum wage or a little more than minimum wage. They are not waiting for government handouts they are trying to make it. They are playing a rigged game in which the House has all the good cards. It is so interesting to see the media cover this story. Every so often the media reluctantly acknowledges the existence of the working poor. Detroit is a dying city and one of the reasons Robertson has to walk so far is the lack of a viable transit system. Former Mayor Bing contemplated consolidating the city in such a way that they would only have to provide electricity to 1/2 the city. Robertson’s plight is bigger than his 21 mile walk. He is the poster child for the working poor. They exist. They have pride and they work hard. They won’t all be profiled by the press and receive media spotlight, but they will survive.


MLK More Than a Monument

mlk monument
As we remember Dr. King today we are humbled by his contribution, but we can not be intimidated by it. King has been immortalized in the DC mall and it hard to reconcile that he was just a man. He was human not super-human, a man not a superman, a child of God, not a God. When we see him as a man, and recognize his humanity, and his flaws then we can see our contribution might not be like, his but we are capable of doing something. We can do more. We have to enlarge our prayer from “us four and no more” to what can I do in my world? Share your thoughts.

Today is Election Day…if you don’t vote don’t complain

If you are a registered voter and you did not take advantage of early voting you need to vote today. Voting gives each of us the opportunity to choose who will represent us. This year the GOP candidates are viewed as the favorites and while that might turn out to be true your vote does count. I encourage you to vote today because it is an important right that so many people died for you to have.

Fox News KT McFarland blames president for beheadings

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Is there a racial divide in Ferguson…yes, there is a racial divide in America

Three weeks ago most people never heard of Ferguson. Now the world is talking about the town and its leadership. yesterday the mayor of the town was asked if there was a racial divide in Ferguson. His answer was no. From his vantage point everything is fine, but I bet his vantage point does not include Mike Brown’s neighborhood. Brown lived in the part of the city that is not often exposed to the world. Tourists dare not venture into the neighborhood, but aren’t there neighborhoods like Ferguson in every city? A teenage boy was killed. The facts are in dispute and hopefully the legal system can sort out the details and ferret out the truth, but the cameras are going to soon turn their lights out and move on to the next story and this town will be left to move on. So where do we go from here. There is a racial divide in this country and how you view Ferguson depends on your vantage point. In America all vantage points are not equal.

What should the President say about Ferguson?

Has the president said enough about Ferguson? Today black and white pundits are saying that the president simply did not say enough yesterday. The president took a measured approach at his press conference yesterday, but should he have said more, and if so what? Is he damned either way? Share your thoughts.

Civil unrest and criminality are not the same thing

Yesterday the name of the police officer who killed Michael Brown was released. The video tape shown above was also released. The tape according the police shows Michael Brown stealing cigars prior to his death. So how does this relate to the shooting of Brown? Does it show that he was a bad guy? It might, but was the stealing of cigars worthy of a death sentence? No. Last night there was more looting in Ferguson and that does not help the situation. Criminal behavior will not yield positive results. The police are being very careful, but their patience will only last for a season. Business owners are now taking arms to protect their businesses and who can blame them? Earlier this morning I heard a reporter say he saw two looters carrying an industrial saw to their car. What does this theft have to do with Brown? Nothing. This is criminal behavior not civil unrest. They are not the same thing.


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