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RHOA reunion show features Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore brawl

RHOA was known for women getting into each others faces. they would say rude things to each other but hitting was off limits. If you want hitting you had to go to the other reality show, Maury Povich, but this season the housewives have truly jumped the shark. They have become Basketball Wives. The kind of women that don’t mind brawling and that is sad. Read the linked story for the details.


Steve Harvey is helping Porsha Stewart find a new man, but is she divorced from her husband?

Last night I watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha Stewart was mourning the end of her marriage to former NFL football player Kordell Stewart. She seemed heartbrokened or at least reality style “heartbrokened.” One would think after the break up of a marriage there would be some soul-searching well at least until the divorce was final, but not in reality time. On to the next adventure and that adventure includes Steve Harvey. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Kordell Stewart files to divorce Atlanta Real Housewife Porsha Stewart

At some point reality televsion meets reality. Porsha Stewart is the newest real housewife of Atlanta. Her husband is former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart who filed for divorce. She joins a long line of “Real Housewives” who have divorced their spouses after appearing on the show. Does reality television kill a marriage? Share your thoughts.