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Do you know what it is like to live in poverty?

What is it like to live in poverty? Fortunately, I can not answer that question, and most of the people who make laws can not answer it either, but they are tasked with making the rules that govern the lives of the impoverished. Do they ever talk to poor people and find out about their lives or are the rules simply numerically generated? Over the past week we witnessed the events in Baltimore. We were told about Freddie Gray’s neighborhood and how so many people his age had been exposed to lead poisoning. The sad fact is the homes they lived in had not been painted by the landlord since the 70’s so the children of the 90s were victims of decades of neglect. It is easy to be judgmental and say they need to work hard and they can get out of poverty, but the reality is a lot of people caught in the poverty spiral are already working hard. What’s the answer? Don’t know but it might start with the rule makers having a conversation with people who are actually living in poverty.

Walmart Shopping Frenzy after food stamp cards malfunction

Over the weekend food stamp cards malfunctioned leaving shoppers with no means of buying food. The shoppers were reportedly angry that they could not access their entitlement funds, but should they have been angry? Did they think that this could be the future? what if the government could no longer fund the program? What would the recipients do? Would they protest and demand their benefits, but how can you demand a government backed check? Read the related story and share your thoughts.


Sesame Street’s Hungry Muppet Lily is a Sad sign of the times

“A hungry muppet is joining the cast of Sesame Street for an upcoming special on hunger in America. Lily, a 7-year-old girl muppet, comes from a family that struggles to have enough food. In the one-hour special, “Growing Hope Against Hunger,” Lily talks to other characters about growing up in a home where there was not always enough food, and then helps Elmo and friends plan a food drive for the food bank that helped feed her family. She also visits a community garden with new pals Elmo and Rosita to see how food can be grown locally.”* Sesame Street should be commended for exploring this difficult subject, but it is heartbreaking that this is no longer an isolated scenerio. With unemployment in double digits in some communities this has become a reality for so many children. It is sad that this character ever had to be created it is just another sad sign of the times.
*ABC News

College Educated and Hungry

A college degree used to almost guarantee you a piece of the American Dream. The dream did not mean that you would have everything you ever wanted, but it least gave you a viable path to success. Now we are seeing college educated people going to food pantries simply to have something to eat. We are witnessing the anililation of the middle class. We are becoming a society of the haves and the have nots, and the haves are nervous because so many of them are one check away from joining the have nots.