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Why would Plaxico Burress blast his former coach and the Giants fans?

Plaxico Burress spent 2 years in prison for shooting himself. He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and he was punished for the crime. Some say the punishment did not fit the crime, and I must say I am in that camp, but he is out now and he has signed with the New York Jets. He is 34 years old and given a second opportunity at glory, but he is still mad. Burress feels like he did not get any support from the Giants during his ordeal, and he lets them have it in the October issue of the Men’s Journal, but why? What did he expect? A player is only good to the organization when he is playing. When he is making money for them. When a player gets in trouble he will learn the definition of lonely. Those fans that used to cheer for you are gone, your teammates are gone and the coach is gone. Not everyone will encounter this kind of abandaonment, but just take a look at Tom Coughlin does he really look like the kind of guy that would be visiting you through a plate glass window? Burress has a right to be disappointed, but don’t dog or mock the fans that never turns out well. Channel that anger toward the right people and don’t forget you are 34 and got a second chance give Tiki Barber a call and you will realize just how blessed you are. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/plaxico-burress-blasts-tom-coughlin-eli-manning-in-explosive-interview-090911


Super Bowl 44 Did Not Disappoint

First of all while I am a fan of President Obama I do not want to hear him discussing policy of the day of the big game. Each network that host the Super Bowl uses it as an opportunity to hype all of their shows, and this was an opportunity for CBS to showcase Katie Couric at our expense.  It is fine to interview the commander and chief but keep it light we came to have fun. The interview with Plaxico Burress was also somber but it was relevant. Burress was a participant in the Super Bowl two years ago and now he is a prison inmate so it was interesting to see him go from a celebrated athlete to a repentant prisoner. CBS Jim Brown also did a piece on the residents of the 9th Ward. When we listen to the New Orleans Cinderella story we would think the entire city has experienced a rebirth, but that is simply not true and I was glad to see the piece on the residents of the 9th Ward. That section of the city looks like Katrina was yesterday. So it was a good move to give them opportunity to talk about that part of the city and not just the remodeled Dome.  All of these was important moments but it was a great game and I was happy to see the Saints win. So now they can say “Who Dat? Won That!”

Plaxico Burress Goes to Prison Is This Fair?

Former NFL receiver Plaxico Burress has a new number today. He is now wearing prison clothes and by now he has been assigned a prison number. He pled guilty to weapons charges in April after an incident at a Manhattan nightclub last fall. Burress was carrying an unlicensed pistol and accidently shot himself in the leg. He will have to serve 20 months in prison. Burress is now 32 years old so he probably has played his last game as a professional football player. Does this incident warrant a 2 year prison sentence? This is not a debate about the law this is just a question of fairness. Is Burress a real danger to society or was this an incredibly stupid situation? New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, immediately weighed in on the situation. He called for a full prosecution of state law that requires mandatory prison for carrying a loaded handgun. He said “I don’t think anybody should be exempt from that, and I think it would be an outrage if we didn’t prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, particularly people who live in the public domain, make their living because of their visibility — they’re the role models for our kids.” It is so ironic that just a couple of years ago Burress was the toast of the town when he caught a game winning touchdown at the Super Bowl, today he is just toast. There is no question that Burress broke the law but it is something wrong with a system that allows one athlete to walk after killing a pedestrian but sends another to jail for shooting himself. I know what could have happened, but it didn’t. I know he broke the law, but I still feel sad about this situation.