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Phylicia Barnes Body Found in Maryland River

Yesterday the body of Phylicia Barnes was found in the Susquehanna River in northeast Maryland. The North Carolina  girl was a seventeen year old honor student who had been visiting relatives in Baltimore when she disappeared on December 28, 2010. The Baltimore Police Department tried unsuccessfully to try to keep this case in the public eye, but this case received minimal national attention, but the Baltimore Police Department devoted a lot of man hours to trying to find the missing teen, and sadly yesterday they did, but this is not the happy ending that we prayed for.

NBC Nightly News Finally Takes a Look at the Phylicia Barnes Disappearance

Last night the NBC Nightly News showcased the case of Phylicia Barnes. Barnes the North Carolina teen who disappeared December 28th while visiting family in Baltimore. This case has received minimal national coverage and the coverage last night was in response to the cry that if this had been a white teen the story would have received more attention and in a more timely manner. The racial aspect was even explored within the piece. Last night the piece came across as NBC was simply doing their due diligence. It has been 3 weeks since this girl was last seen and it is hard to believe that at this point this story would make a difference. When Natalee Holloway disappeared in Aruba 5 years ago that story was covered by all the networks and 24/7 on cable and she was in a foreign country. Barnes disappeared on American soil in Baltimore and if she had received ½ of the coverage when she was first reported missing she might have been found by now. We have to wonder is this now simply too little too late.

The Phylicia Barnes case finally gets some national attention…but is it too late?

 “It has been incredibly frustrating for me. We’ve been pitching this since the 29th [and] have not gotten any traction. This case is no different than the Natalee Holloway case. The only difference is Phylicia is from North Carolina, she went missing in Baltimore and she is African-American.” This statement was not made by some angry black militant it was made by the Baltimore Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi in reference to the lack of national coverage the Phylicia Barnes disappearance story has received. Finally 11 days after this 16 year old disappears her story makes the Today Show. This is someone’s daughter, but her name has not become a household name. Why wasn’t this front page news on December 29th? Now 11 days have  passed and the police have no real leads, and finally the national media give the story some attention. Hopefully, it is not too little too late.


Phylicia Simone Barnes, 16 year old girl missing in Baltimore

Phylicia Barnes has been missing since Tuesday. Look at the picture above have you seen this girl? Be on the look out for her in the Baltimore/DC area. The link gives you all the contact information.