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Phylicia Barnes finally Laid to Rest

Over the weekend funeral services were held for Phylicia Barnes in Georgia. Barnes came to Baltimore for Christmas break and disappeared on December 28th. Her body was found in a Maryland river on April 22nd. The Baltimore Police Department worked very hard trying to find Barnes and solve the mystery of her disappearance. They tried to get the national media involved but her story got some network coverage, but not the kind devoted to other teenage girls that disappear. One such teenage was Natalie Holloway. She went missing 2005 while vacationing in Aruba. Her story was all over. Every network covered it on a daily basis. This morning Holloway’s mother was being intervieiwed regarding a book she has written. They introduced her by saying she had kept her daughter’s name in the news. That is untrue. The media kept Holloway’s name in the news, and sadly that same courtesy was not extended to Barnes.