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What do we tell our black children?

Two black men shot by police in 2 days. There is something wrong. I was talking to a friend of mine and she asked “what do we tell our children?” We don’t tell them anything we have not already told them. We have told them to be polite, be compliant, say yes sir, keep your hands visible, but they can do all these things and still not survive an encounter with a bad cop. ¬†We have no magic words that will ensure their safety. We have no words that will offer a cloak of protection to our husbands and our fathers. When we search for them we are in fact claiming some of the blame for the evil acts sanctioned by the state. When we look at the cases of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile we are stunned by the actions of the police. The force used to confront non lethal situations is appalling. In the Castile case we saw a policeman unload into a car that had a 4 year old occupant in the back seat. Where is the outrage? We see it in pockets of the global community, but remember the case of the gorilla who was killed when the zookeepers feared he would harm a toddler who had wondered into his enclave. When he was killed the response was fast and furious. Petitions went up calling for the arrest of the mother, one called for her children being removed from her home. The world was mad. Well world get mad again! This is not right and this is not a black problem. Sure our victims are demonized. All their past bad acts are publicized as if that is justification for now. He was a shoplifter as a teen so now that he is 30 and shot by the cops it is ok. No it is not. Even if he were a choirboy that would not matter either. None of this matters. What matters if a policeman shoots a person retrieving identification, selling cds, selling loosies, walking, running, driving or whatever he needs to be responsible for his action. Fearing for his life is not enough it is almost a punchline. So where do we go from here? Really, you tell me.