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Is Cam Newton the new face of the NFL?

Super Bowl week we saw Cam Newton flash his million dollar smile. He was voted the NFL MVP Saturday night, and his Carolina Panthers had a brilliant season. He was sitting on top of the world but after being defeated in the Super Bowl his world crumbled. He did his post game press conference with a chip on his shoulder. Defeat is never easy or welcome, but there are winners and losers, and people have got to learn how to accept defeat. Some NFL commentators tried to excuse his behavior. They said he left before he said the wrong thing, but Newton is a grown man and he is capable of not spewing out anything that might torpedo his career. If Newton wants to be the face of the NFL he is going to have to develop a thicker skin. Peyton Manning has won the Super Bowl, and he has also experienced the agony of defeat, but he stood at the podium and answered the hard questions. If Newton is going to be the face he is going to have to learn how to do that too.

What did people expect from Cam Newton?

The Denver Broncos proved to be Cam Newton’s krptonite. Newton’s Panthers lost last night and some are questioning Newton’s reaction to the loss and his interaction with the press. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Super Bowl 50-What is the real Quarterback Controversy?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Peyton Manning is a class act

peyton Manning and Ray lewis
Ray Lewis is a beloved figure here in the Baltimore area. On Saturday there was a collective cheer when the Ravens beat the Broncos, but this picture is more about Peyton Manning than Lewis. Manning was terribly disappointed, but he showed that he is a class act. This photo was taken after all the press conferences. Manning waited and greeted Lewis and that says alot about Manning.

Did 700 Club Pat Robertson wish an injury on Peyton Manning?

The Denver Broncos traded Tim Tebow. The Broncos had the chance to get peyton manning and they took it. Tebow had a good year last year but he is no Peyton Manning. this was a sound business decision, but Pat Robertson has a problem with it. Roberston said it would serve manning right if he got re-injured. Is this anyway for a man of God to talk? I mean WWJD? Not this. Maybe it is time for Robertson to step away from the microphone.