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South Park finds humor in the Penn State scandal…shouldn’t some things be off limits?

South Park is known for poking fun at sacred cows and some people applaud their audacity, but is there anything in the Penn State scandal that could be viewed as funny? Last night they took it on and it makes me ask aren’t there some things that are simply off limits? Tell me what you think.

Is Mike McQueary having a Case of Conscience?

When the grand jury report on the Penn State scandal came out we learned that assistant coach Mike McQueary was an eye witness to Jerry Sandusky raping a young boy. Since that many have wondered out loud how could McQueary a 6’4” strapping 28 year old man have seen this and not intervened. The testimony stated that he saw it and he left to call his father. How could he do that? Over the past few days he has been vilified for his inaction. So now McQueary claims he did tell the campus police and the county police, but both entities say they have no record of McQueary speaking to them. So who is telling the truth? Hopefully time will tell, but perhaps finally McQueary’s conscience is kicking his butt. This morning on the Today Show we learned that after the incident McQueary attended one benefit event sponsored by Sandusky. Could you go to an invent sponsored by a pedophile that you had caught in the act? McQueary’s stories are simply not adding up. It is sad that this case of conscience seems to have appeared when the act is exposed, but for the 9 years in which none of us knew it seemed that McQueary had no problem palling around with this alleged pedophile.

Why didn’t Penn State officials call the police on Jerry Sandusky?

From the Second Mile WebsiteMany children face adversity even before they understand how to dream. The Second Mile, founded in 1977 in State College, Pennsylvania, is a statewide non-profit organization for children who need additional support and who would benefit from positive human contact. The Second Mile plans, organizes, and offers activities and programs for children – and adults who work with them – to promote self-confidence as well as physical, academic, and personal success.
Jerry Sandusky former Penn State football assistant coach is accused of abusing boys, many who were a part of the Second Mile foundation, on the grounds of the university. As early as 2002 he was spotted by a graduate assistant engaging in sex with a young boy. So did the graduate assistant call the police no he told the real head of the sports department legendary coach Joe Paterno. So Paterno called the police. No, he told the athletic director. If you saw someone abusing a child wouldn’t you call the police? This situation was mishandled from the jump. Sandusky was a member of the club and he was protected, but finally this alleged predator has been stopped. One has to wonder if these children had not been under-priviledged and had been members of Sandusky’s own community would these allegations have come to light sooner?