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Color of Change is demanding MSNBC to fire Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan is the conservative in the house of liberals at MSNBC. He has been known for making controversial remarks. This past weekend he was promoting his newest book, Suicide of a Superpower on the radio show “The Political Cesspool”, the Color of Change contends the show is hosted by a white supremacist. Color of Change says
“Buchanan has just published a book which says that increasing racial diversity is a threat to this country and will mean the ‘End of White America.’ This weekend, to promote his book, he went on a white supremacist radio show…” read the “Fire Pat Buchanan” petition letter. Yesterday “Buchanan also appeared on NPR’s “The Diane Rehm Show” on Tuesday and further discussed his new book and radio show appearance on “Political Cesspool.”He defended his decision to visit the radio show and asked “Am I supposed to go and vet all the people on these shows and get the list from [Anti-Defamation League chief] Abe Foxman on what shows I can go on to?” He added, “The individual was very interested in the race issue…but I wouldn’t be on the program if somebody started calling racial or ethnic names. Or rather, I’d be on it, but I’d say that’s the last time we’re going on that one.” So what is the real issue here? Appearance on the radio show or content of the book? Buchanan has a right to write a book that some people might find objectionable. He also has a right to promote the book on any venue he chooses, but MSNBC has a right to determine if he is a good fit for the network that “Leans Forward.” so what do you think? Should Buchanan be removed?



Pat Buchanan says blacks not brainwashed they just love the “Liberal Plantation”

Good ole MSNBC Pat Buchanan said that he does not share Herman Cain’s viewpoint that blacks have been “brainwashed”. He just thinks that blacks bought into Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society to their detriment and now they are simply content to be on the “liberal plantation”. Which is worse brainwashed or living on a plantation? Both characterizations are insulting, but is there any truth in either one of them? Tell me what you think.

MSNBC Pat Buchanan calls the President “boy”…was this racist or was this part of an analogy?

While appearing on Al Sharpton’s show last night he refered to the president as “your boy”. Sharpton corrected him and said Barack Obama is the president, and he is nobody’s boy. This morning while appearing on Morning Joe Buchanan apologized for using the word boy in reference to the president. He contends he was using a fighter analogy. Buchanan has a history of racially insensitive statements. Was this another one? Watch the link and tell me what you think.

Times are really bad when Pat Buchanan starts making sense

Pat Buchanan, conservative coloumnist and MSNBC contributor is no fan of President Obama. He has been one of the president’s most vocal critics, but today I read an article posted on the Newsone site and Buchanan actually wrote something that was absolutely spot on. Hell must have literally frozen over this morning because I have to admit he makes some very valid points. Please click on the link and read this very insightful piece:


How did Pastor Terry Jones become the President’s problem?

Over the past few days we have seen Pastor Terry Jones defend his decision to burn copies of the Koran on September 11th. Yesterday he had agreed to stand down after meeting with a representative from the local Muslim community, but when he claimed that representative had told him the mosque near Ground Zero would be moved if he agreed to call off the Koran burning we knew this was far from over. The New York developers of the mosque said they had not agreed to these terms. Now Jones is saying the Koran burning might still actually take place. Today on Morning Joe the discussion centered around the President and how he should intervene in this situation. Pat Buchanan, whose full-time job is to bash the president, said the president should show true leadership and stop this guy. Arrest him if he has to, but is the American way? The fact is Jones has the right to burn the books if he wants to, but he shouldn’t. He has been warned by Secretary Gates, Secretary of State Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder and the President, but he seems undeterred. He has been told he will have blood on his hands, but he accepts no responsibility. He is a zealot crackpot and it is unfair to say failure of the President’s direct intervention indicates a lack of leadership. In the past Buchanan has said the president should not shoot down, but now he encourages the president to do just that. NBC journalist Terry Sanders said this morning the damage to America is already done. The Muslim community has followed the antics of Pastor Jones very carefully and they do not like the vitriolic comments that have flowed out of the pastor’s mouth regarding their faith. The actual act of burning the books would be the final chapter, but the book on this situation is already written and Jones has painted our country as the villain, but let’s not let partisan politicians take the opportunity to use this against our president. Jones is acting within his rights as a citizen of this country. He is exercising his rights, what he proposes is morally wrong and un-Christian. If he really asked himself What Would Jesus Do he would know the answer would be Not This!

President Obama to appear on The View…Does this diminish the Presidency?

Whoopi Goldberg announced yesterday on The View that President Obama will be their special guest on Thursday. Today on Morning Joe MSNBC correspondent Pat Buchanan said that this visit “diminishes the presidency.” He went on to say what is next will the president appear with “Lady Gaga to get the youth vote”? It is no surprise that Buchanan would look on this negatively since he is on record as being an opponent of the president, but let’s explore his point. Buchanan worked for President Nixon so he is old school and he tends to compare things to his White House glory days. This is a new day and people who might not look at the network news do look at The View. By appearing on the show the president gets to speak to people that might not watch a press conference. The other point is the ladies of The View are not afraid to ask tough questions. The president will not be served tea and toast and asked to comment on fashion. The View might be a visually relaxed atmosphere, but on Thursday I am expecting to hear tough questions asked and I hope the president is prepared to answer them.

Shirley Sherrod Not Sure She Wants her Job Back

Shirley Sherrod appeared on a number of the morning shows today, and she was asked if she wanted her job back. She said she did not know and she went on to say “If they had just taken the time to — even without looking at the tape — to look at me, to look at what I’ve stood for, to look at what I’ve done since I’ve actually been at the department, I don’t think they would have been so quick to do what they did and so insistent. To now come back and say, ‘Well, we’re willing to look at this,’ it definitely is a little bittersweet.” She went on to say “I didn’t make a lot of noise. … I worked for fairness for everyone.” If there is a victim in this situation it is Sherrod. Yes she was inarticulate in trying to make her initial point, and Fox news is still chewing on the first words she said, but Sherrod got caught in the cultural crossfire. When the NAACP issued their resolution last week they might as well have thrown down the gauntlet. For some on the far right this was the war they have been waiting for and NAACP effectively started it. Yes, the NAACP had every right to issue the resolution but one has to wonder did they see the long term impact of such an act or was this partially an attempt to garner media attention? Well if that was part of the agenda they can claim victory. I have not heard this much talk about the organization in this century. People are talking, writing, blogging, tweeting about them, but is it for the right reasons?  Have their actions over the past week brought them closer to their mission? “The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.” Did the resolution against factions of the tea party, the denouncement of Shirley Sherrod, and later the apology to Ms. Sherrod move them any closer to their mission? No, but it did get them some attention from the press and the right and what they are learning is it is not always good to be in the spotlight.

Hannity, Palin and Bachman Doing a Little Obama Bashing

it is so interesting to watch Fox News. Just look at the captions they always say volumes. Jon Stewart said something a few months ago.  He said Fox News has the clearest narrative.  They want to se the president fail and they will continue to serve up their skewed world view as long as there is an audience for them. Don’t write and say they are no different than MSNBC because that is simply not true. Just look at Morning Joe or listen to Pat Buchanan and you will see they do have a conservative voices in the midst, but tryingto find a libera or progressive at the Fox News desk is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Bottom line you won’t find one.

It’s A Miracle: Pat Buchanan Actually Wrote Something that I Agree With

Today I read an article by conservative Pat Buchanan entitled, Secession in the Air.  I knew going in it would probably be more of his right wing thinking and I do not share his world view, but I think it is important to also read articles written by people you don’t agree with. Today to my surprise he actually said something I believe had merit. In the article he explained why the Tea Party movement exists. He said in reference to the tea party movement: “What they agree upon, however, is that they have been treading water for a decade, working harder and harder with little or no improvement in their family standard of living. They see the government as taking more of their income in taxes, seeking more control over their institutions, creating entitlements for others not them, plunging the nation into unpayable debt, and inviting inflation or a default that can wipe out what they have saved. And there is nothing they can do about it, for they are politically powerless. By their gatherings, numbers, mockery of elites and militancy, however, they get a sense of the power that they do not have.”  This sentiment is shared by the entire middle class, not just the members of the tea party. We are losing our jobs, seeing out 401Ks evaporate in front of eyes, seeing our savings only earn pennies on the dollar, and we feel powerless. What this country needs is a middle class movement that was welcoming to all races, but the other aspect of the tea party movement Buchanan fails to discuss is the racist element. The issues facing this country did not come into existence when Barack Obama entered the White House. We were knee deep in this mess, but after his election came the need to talk about seceding from the Union, and talk of taking our country back as if it had been stolen.  The movement moved from simply economic concerns to questioning the legitimacy of a system that would allow Obama to become the president.  Later in the article Buchanan sums it up by saying “the secession taking place in America is a secession of the heart — of people who have come to believe the government is them, and not us.”  This is a feeling shared by many Americans and not just members of the tea party.

Does Fox News Still Matter?

fn-headerThe White House has declared war on Fox News. Fox News had already started the war the White House simply just started fighting back. It is no secret that Fox News has an aggressive agenda with the end goal being to destroy the Obama administration. On a daily basis they bash every plan, person or initiative endorsed by the president. They have an opinion and they use the airwaves to shout that opinion. During the day they appear to be like any other news organization but the reporters do not report they espouse the opinion of the network. The evening is devoted to real hardball Obama bashing, but why do they matter? They matter because this is the place where millions of Americans get their “news”. They can not be ignored, but they must be engaged. The president can not sway this group of Americans but he must let his emissaries make attempts even if they are rebuffed to reach out to this group. This is a network devoid of a liberal voice. MSNBC at least has Pat Buchanan as their touchstone to “traditional Americans.” Fox News recently fired their liberal voice Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. Hill learned of his dismissal via Google. For the full details on Hill’s dismissal go to www.thedailyvoice.com . So now Fox News speaks as one voice and that voice is anti-Obama. Some of the other networks are saying if they do this Fox they will do it to them, but this is not about opposing voices. This is a network with a mission and that is not to deliver the news, but to deliver opinions disguised as news and the White House simply took the mask off.