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Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren’s son commits suicide

Pastor Rick Warren’s 27 year old son Matthew took his own life. Read the linked story for the details. The elder Warren pastors the Saddleback Church, and he also wrote the bestselling book, The Purpose Driven Life.


Can Political Pastors Keep their tax exempt status…Speakupmovement.org seems to think so

This Sunday October 2nd pastors will speak out from the pulpit on any subject they choose, including politics. Can they do this or does this violate church and state and thus nullify their tax exempt status? Tell me what you think.

Juanita Bynum Typing in Tongues…no I’m not kidding

I was on The Root website today and I read the linked story. The headline simply read “Juanita Bynum types tongues on Facebook. So of course I went to her Facebook page to see for myself and there I saw gibberish typed follwing various gospel platitudes followed by gibberish. Bynum is a very popular televangelist who hit her stride in the nineties when she did her popular sermaon “No More Sheets”. Bishop TD Jakes gave her a national platform and she took off. She was married to Thomas Weeks in the most over top ceremoney one could imagine. Her wedding was televised on the Christian Network TBN. That union ended when she and then husband fought at an Atlanta hotel parking lot. At that point Bynum appeared on national television and said that she was going to be a domestic violence advocate. From there she fell off the radar, but recently she has been getting more attention and now she is fighting people on Twitter and typing “tongues” on Facebook. This has not been a banner year for the television ministry: Eddie Long and his exploits with the teenage boys, the death of Zachery Tims under questionable circumstances and now Bynum and her tongue typing. People love to mock Christianity, but a belief in Christ provides me with a sense of hope in the midst of these very challenging times. Notice I said a belief in Christ, not a belief in the minister. I admire my pastor, but one thing that he often says rings so true “love man, but trust God.” Words to live by.

One Reverand Stabs Another-What Would Jesus Say?

Back in the day to be a reverand you had to be licensed from some organized religion. You were affliated with an entity larger than your own congregation, but now anybody can turn a collar backward and say they should be called reverand. Well, in New Jersey Rev. Edward Fairley burst into the home of Rev. Simone Shields and stabbed her. She survived, but she is in critical condition. This is bizarre behavior for anyone, but for him to call himself a reverand is a real problem. The media need to simply refer to him as Edward Fairley because this is not the work of a man of God.


Marcus Lamb, another cheating televangelist

Yesterday Marcus Lamb founder of Daystar, a Christian television network announced he had been unfaithful to his wife and he was being extorted for money. Lamb said he and his wife have healed their marriage and hoped to keep his adultery private. However, he went public after extortionists demanded he pay them $7.5 million. Lamb told the television audience “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re not going to take God’s money and pay to keep from being humiliated.” So he and his wife are healed. Is this enough? Is it appropriate for him to continue ministering. Lamb is not the first nor will he be the last preacher to have an affair, but shouldn’t there be some time to sit down. Should they still be preaching in spite of their admission to infidelity, and are they coming clean because the news would break anyway? it is funny that this story is not getting the kind of attention the Eddie Long story received. Don’t get it twisted the Long story demanded media attention, but this one does too. Lamb says he was being extorted to the tune of 7.5 million dollars, and that seems like it deserves more attention than the ticker on CNN.


Did Chicago Pastors sell out their congregations for $500?

The Democratic Machine is just not like it used to be. Illinois Gov. Quinn and Senate hopeful Alexi Giannoulias are running behind their Republican opponents. President Obama is going to Illinois Saturday to try to firm up support. Usually black ministers will line up for the Democratic Party but in this strange election season some of the ministers seem to be hearing a different drum. “On Wednesday, 12 local pastors came together to publicly endorse Scott Lee Cohen, the Independent in the race. The millionaire pawnbroker has contributed $6 million of his own money to his campaign for governor. That has fueled rumors that Cohen is buying black support. Last week, the Rev. Gregory Lee told CBS-2 that one of Cohen’s supporters told him that he would get at least $500 if he publicly backed Cohen.” So did these ministers have fundamental problems with the Democratic candidates or are they more like Judas than Jesus?