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Georgia Parents forgive sons who were trying to kill them…could you forgive?

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Maryland University Bullies are Demanding More and We’ve Got to Pay

When you pay your bills in full and on time you do not expect to have the entity you owed demanding more money, but that is what happened to us. We have children that attend Maryland Universities and the schools decided to institute a mid year increase after we had already paid the bill for the spring semester. It’s like a bully who knows there is not a thing you can do but pay. What other company could demand more for a bill you already paid? One school wants an additional $58 and the other one wants $62 sounds like small amounts, but as my mother loved to say “it’s the principle of the thing.” I could see a hike in the fall which I am sure is coming, but a mid year hike after the bill has been paid is simply wrong, but the bully gets what the bully wants.

The (Write) Right Word by Elizabeth Morrison is the Right Resource for Everyone

The Right Word
I love this book. The Right Word helps you use the right word everytime. It deserves a place on every bookshelf: at home, in the study, and at the office. It is an essential reference for: students, business people, crossword addicts and anyone with an interest in words of language. The Right Word looks at words that often confuse–elicit vs. illicit; imply vs. infer before providing a list of commonly misspelled words. You will reach for this book frequently. If you write anything this is the book for you. From Career Press:

Ladies what are you waiting for?

I work with an after school program. The children are ages 3-10. Children are fascinating because they come from a place of truth. Yesterday I noticed a six year old girl sitting on the sidelines during playtime. I walked over and asked her was there anything wrong. She said sadly that she was trying to tell one of the boys something and he would not stop to listen. I tried to get her to play and I asked her was she going to just sit there and be sad while the boy continued playing and sadly her response was yes. At that moment I thought it starts so early. So many women spend so much of their time lamenting the absence of a man in their life. In some cases it is to the point that they miss so much because of the lack of a man. This six year old was content to be sad while the boy played on. She did eventually get up and play, and hopefully women collectively will see that life is full of joy even if you are waiting for the object of your affection to stop playing and pay attention to you.

Shots fired at funeral for Trenton teen

Back in the day there were safe places, and one of them was the church, but no longer. Today shots rang out in a church as the family buried their teenage relative. Now the fight no longer ends at death but it goes beyond the grave.


Gay Dad Birthday Invite was a Hoax

gay parents invite
This went viral. The intolerant mother rejecting the invitation from a boy with two dads. She was horrible, but the real problem was she did not exist. This was a hoax cooked up by a radio station. They said they wanted to spark a conversation, but what they did was cause a firestorm. Read linked story and share your thoughts.


When did celebrating achievement become a bad thing?

Last week a school in Maryland had a pizza party for the straight A students. Some parents were outraged nd felt their children who did not do as well were being treated unfairly. I have no problem with this because what they were doing at the school mirrors the real world. We are a country that used to ake pride in being the best. We have always rewarded people who did the best. We award athletes with scholarships not based on their brains but based on their brawn. We beleive that they will win games for the team so we give them a free ride. Where are the parents complaining about this? We work on jobs that are merit based. the tops salesmen get the trip to Hawaii. The salesmen with the low sales figures does not expect to get special trips he is just praying to keep his job. We award the high performers all the time and it starts in school.

Suicide at 17 leaves the rest of us wondering how could we have helped?

My daughter told me yesterday that one of the girls at her high school had died. I asked her what happened and she said she did not know. Today we found out that the girl had hung herself. Now everyone is left wondering why. there will be crisis counsellors at the school tomorrow. The girl was a senior and she was 12 days away from graduating but now there will be a rose on her chair. I talked to my daughter and just said that our problems are temporal and they will pass but suicide is forever. it is sad to know that so much potential will never be realized and we will never know what she could have achieved. We grieve for the loss to her family but we have to continue to talk to our young people and let them know into every life there will be sadness and disppointment, but we want them to reach out and not internalize their pain. Parents, friends, loved ones take this opportunity to talk to the young people in your life and let them know that you are there for them. Sometimes they simply need someone to listen not provide all the solutions but be that safe place that we all need. Sometimes they are seeking advice and be brave enough to give it. Sometimes we need to speak first and just ask how is it going and be willing to stick around long enough to really get an answer. That will require us to put the phone down and turn off the computer. It is going to require us to be truly present. Suicide at any age is painful, but at 17 it is a loss to the family and to society because we will never know what she could have been.

Jason Collins is no Jackie Robinson

Like Charles Barkley said later we must get to the point where we can talk freely about this. To call homosexuality a sin is the belief of many Christians. It does not mean that we hate the people. But you can not tell coming from the other side. It appears that if you voice your opinion the other side says you hate them or are afraid of them(homophobic.) Most Christians do not hate or fear homosexuals and have no problem living among them. We are just compelled by the word to speak the truth. If a person chooses to not listen that’s on them. I have come to this realization that the homosexual lobby will not stop until everyone says that there lifestyle is not a sin or wrong. This will not happen and it doesn’t mean that we hate them. To compare Jason Collins to Jackie Robinson is an insult. This man has played 12 yrs in the league and has suffered no abuse. The outpouring of love has been straight ridiculous. Jackie suffered abuse from the minor leagues and had to live with a 3 yr non retaliatory clause. This kid has had to deal with nothing. Has he gotten bags of hate mail? Has he been abused on the court because of his sexual choice. (yes choice). The world has decided that homosexuality is the way to go so much that parents are encouraged to not teach their kids that it’s wrong but a viable lifestyle if they so choose to live that way or feel that way. I don’t care who you love or who you sleep with it ain’t my business so please please please quit boring me with it. And stop acting like it’s a big deal to tell the world Its not. If you don’t want the criticism don’t tell people who may not like that lifestyle. You are not changing those minds and you lose the respect of those individuals by trying to do so. LET US RESPECT EACH OTHER AS PEOPLE IRRESPECTIVE OF WHO YOU LOVE/SLEEP WITH.

Condoms being distributed in high schools: I was on HuffLive today discussing it

Click on the link and watch the show: http://huff.lv/139x6y9

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