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Who would have thought these three would be running the country?

Who would have believed that Donald Trump would be POTUS? Who would have thought his daughter Ivanka would be his right hand person in the White House and Omarosa would be working there to? Not me but this is what we’ve got.

Fired Apprentice LaToya Jackson claims Omarosa pulled the Plug on Michael Clarke-Duncan

Can you say lawsuit? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

Sad news today, Michael Clarke Duncan has died today in Los Angeles. Read the linked story for all the details.


TV One’s Ultimate Merger Sounds Like the Ultimate Mess

On June 17th the Ultimate Merger will premire on TVOne,  featuring  former Apprentice, Omarosa. We were introduced to her by Donald Trump and they have reunited for this show. It’s the latest in a series of dating shows. Trump has selected 12 men for Omarosa to date and make the “ultimate merger”.  Sadly one of the 12 is the former R & B heartthrob Al B. Sure. It is sad that he has stoop this low to get some attention.  “Omarosa will be assisted in the challenges by a series of friends and celebrities, ranging from comedians George Wallace and Loni Love to TV One chef G. Garvin to former Video Vixen and author Karrine Steffans” (she’s going to take dating advice from her???). Pastor Jamal Bryant, of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland serves as Omarosa’s spiritual adviser and is on hand to provide guidance and support to the bachelors when needed. And the bachelors will get to meet Mamarosa, Omarosa’s mother.” When we first met Omarosa on the Apprentice she seemingly was looking for a real business career, but over the years it has become more than apparent that she craves fame and at any cost and she learned this at the foot of the master, Donald Trump. The irony is Omarosa and Trump are actually The Ultimate Merger.