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When did Scandal stop being fun?

I used to watch Scandal on Thursday night. I enjoyed live tweeting as we watched Olivia Pope and her fast talking gladiators right wrongs, but something happened. They stopped righting wrongs and started committing them. My swan song was the episode in which Olivia Pope had an abortion and the music playing in the background was Silent Night the most holy of the Christmas songs. I have not watched since it started the second half of the season, but I did read about last night’s episode. Now Pope is a murderer and there is nothing left to root for. The thrill as well as the fun is gone. Read the linked article which articulates my own sentiments.

The Scandal Abortion Was a Surprise but why?

Thursday night Scandal’s main character Olivia Pope had an abortion. Silent Night was the song that played during the procedure. It was sad but not surprising. Pope is the most loved side chick in the galaxy. We have watched her antics and often celebrated them so why are we surprised when the storyline went left? I have posted a blog post from author Sophia A. Nelson. Read it and share your thoughts.


Does selling Olivia Pope bother you?

Who watched Scandal tonight? Does the idea of selling Olivia Pope to the highest bidder bother anyone? Share your thoughts.

People Magazine deletes offensive Viola Davis tweets

Last night People magazine was live tweeting and they decided to inject a little humor in them, but it simply was not funny. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Is a piece of a man better than nothing?

For the past three weeks Iyanla Vanzant has dealt with a man who has 34 children by 17 mothers. In the first episode Vanzant gave each of the mothers that participated a piece of a shirt symbolizing that they each only had a piece of him, and how it was impossible to have a healthy family if you are working with a piece of a man. The women on the show simply wanted to be loved and he played into their need to be loved. As they shared their stories you heard common threads throughout and you could not help but feel sorry for them, but today I thought about how ironic this situation was. These women are looked at as victims but every week we celebrate a ficitonal character who has made herself comfortable eating the scraps off the presidential table. Scandal is the show and Olivia Pope is the heroine. Sure she is decked in designer clothing and she speaks in a well-bread staccato tone, but she is a woman satified with a piece of a man. Perhaps we need some new heroines.

Why do we love Olivia Pope?

As a married woman I would not want my husband to have a side chick. Let alone a woman that I knew or had to interact with. I would find the situation intolerable, so I ask why do we love Olivia Pope? In the popular series ABC Scandal Pope is the side chick. Sure she is portrayed as a powerful take no prisoners woman but she is a side chick who settles for the crumbs of time that her lover President Fitzgerald Grant can give her. Sure he says all the right things to her. He loves her and fantacizes about their “life” in Vermont or Maine or Utopia, but he is still reluctantly loyal to the real first lady. So why are we slavishly devoted to the hot mess? Thursday night I called a friend in Detroit to discuss the Kwame Kilpatrick verdict and as the clok neared 10 I told her I had to wrap it up because I had to watch Scandal. She laughed and said me too that she was thinking of a way to get me off the phone. So back to the orignal question why do we watch a show that is centered around an an adultrous love affair set in the White House? It is a pure, ridiculous fantasy designed to entertain. It does not mean we condone the behavior it simply means we enjoy a well written story.

For Viewers of ABC Scandal: Did tonight’s episode make you uneasy?

Not sure I liked the plotline of Scandal. Initially the character Olivia Pope and the president had a hot love affair going. Yes, it was hot and wrong, but the characters seemed to have real love for each other, but tonight that affair took a real left turn. The president who once professed his love for Pope now is treating her like a street whore. He grabbed her had sex with her and then said he was finished with her. Does this storyline make anyone uncomfortable? Share your thoughts.