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Is the Old Spice Mom commercial just plain weird?

Just funny or too weird?

The Redemption Of Ray Lewis

The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2000. Ray Lewis was the MVP but he was not allowed to utter the phrase “I am going to Disney World”, the quaterback Trent Dilford received that honor. Lewis was involved in an incident the year before in Atlanta and in which two people were killed. Lewis was in Atlanta for the Super Bowl and he was travelling with an entourage. someone in that group knows what actually happened that night. Lewis pled guilty to obstrution of justice which was a misdemeanor. After the incident Ray¬†Lewis unlike so many of today’s athlete’s stayed on the straight and narrow. No he is not Saint Ray, but he is committed to doing good in the Baltimore neighborhoods. His foundation has furnished children with school supplies, he gives away Thanksgiving baskets, and Christmas presents to the children of Baltimore. Lewis has done alot of growing up over the last 10 years, and now it is good to see that the national companies like Old Spice are seeking him out as a product endorser. No one can change their past, but you do have the power to change your future and Lewis has done just that.