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What did the Occupy Movement Accomplish?

This summer we saw Occupy Movements springing up everywhere. They didn’t all seem to be on the same page, but they did all know something simply was not right. They railed against the 1% and touted the 99%, but what did they actually accomplish? This question is not meant to be rhetorical I want answers and if you’ve got one send it to me. When the Tea Party rose to prominence they were angry too, but they did get some of their members elected to the House and the Senate with a goal of changing things within. So that brings me back to the original question what did the Occupiers accomplish and do you think they squandered their 15 minutes? Tell me hat you think.

Did the Occupy Movement Squander their opportunity to be heard?

Over night we have seen several cities remove the occupiers from their tent cities. Oakland, California police used tear gas to get the occupants to leave the area. Atlanta is moving on their occupiers and Baltimore is letting them know that they will soon follow suit. So did the Occupiers accomplish anything? Did they ever truly articulate what they really wanted? Do you think they squandered their opportunity by having too many voices asking for too many things?