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Is Rebel Wilson’s depiction of fat women empowering or embarrassing?

Rebel Wilson has a new ABC show, Super Fun Night. She appeared this morning on Kelly and Michael’s show and the clip they showed simply was not funny. She and a slender friend of her’s were singing in a bar and the friend climbed on top of the piano and Wilson was shown doing the same and the clip ended. So did the piano collapse under her weight? That’s funny? The promotional clips have shown her bursting out of her clothing. My question is do you find this kind of humor funny? Does this empower obese women or is this simply another opportunity to make fun of fat people? Share your thoughts.


Massachussets Doctor Refuses to treat patient because she is too fat?

Is it ok for a doctor to turn a patient away because that patient is obese? A Massachusetts doctor has a policy of not treating any patient over 200 pounds. This is legal, but is it right? Look around you and you will see that this is an obese nation. What would happen if more doctors adopted this policy? Would the obese become slim or would they simply not seek medical attention. Watch the link and share your thoughts.


Why can’t a 300 pound 12 year old boy play Pee Wee Football?

A twelve year old boy who stands 6ft. tall and weighs 300 lbs wants to play pee wee football with his friends. The problem is the league has a weight restriction. the maximum weight is 135 lbs. His coach is appealing the rule and his mother also says he whould be allowed to play, but is this the big issue here? No the issue is why is a 12 year old boy 300 lbs? Shouldn’t the mom be more interested in addressing his weight? Read the linked stories and share your thoughts.



Nike Commerical “Greatness Ad”…what do you think?

Is this inspirational or exploitive? Share your thoughts.

Obesity is a Worldwide Problem…What’s the Solution?

Last week a writer for Marie Claire magazine wrote a post about how she hates to see fatties on televsion. She specifially called out the new CBS show Mike & Molly and said that she really hates to see two fatties in romantic situations. The article received alot of press and the writer has since apologized.  Today I read the article below and how the people on the other side of the pond are outraged by the obesity epidemic. Clothing stores are making clothing in sizes that were once unheard of. “This is horrifying and just goes to show that we have a huge problem,” Tam Fry, a spokesman for the National Obesity Forum. She went on to say “Clearly so many are reaching this weight that clothes to fit them are available on the high street alongside normal sizes. The public health implications are huge, and it is going to take a generation or more to tackle this crisis.” So we know there is a problem, but how do we solve it? http://www.stylelist.com/2010/11/01/british-store-high-and-mighty-launches-size-xxxxl-suit/?a_dgi=aolshare_email

Elle magazine Features Gabby Light?

Gabourey Sidibe is one of four actresses featured on the 25th Anniversay issue of Elle magaine. The other actresses are shown full length but Sidibe is cropped at the waist. The other noticeable thing is Sidibe’s skin is obviously lightened. We know magazine’s re-touch but is this going a little too far? The actress said she has no problem with the cover but tell me what you think. Is this a problem?

America What is happening to Us?


Why would you need a seat belt extender? Answer: you’re too fat and what should you do try to lose weight not buy something to accomodate the additional bulk. Our society is a society of contradictions. We vilify overweight people. We make them the butt of jokes and we get away with it. CBS has a new show this fall Molly & Mike if you watch the promos you can see it is a one joke wonder and the joke is they are fat… so let’s laugh at it. So let them buy their seat belt extenders, chairs designed to hold up to 600 pounds and shirts that look like moo moos their fat is the muse someone else who needs to formulate the next sitcom dedicated to insulting the lucrative obese market. Let them eat cake and lots of it.

Was Michelle Fonville Too Fat for Service?

Michelle Fonville was charged $5 more for service at a nail salon. When she questioned the charge she was told it was because she was overweight. They waived the fee, but told to take her business elsewhere. Is this fair?  If the woman was denied service or charged and additional fee because of her color everyone would be up in arms, but in our society if you are fat it is alright to say or do virtually anything. CBS is touting a new fall show Mike and Molly. All the promos show a series of fat jokes. It is acceptable to laugh at fat people, and judging from this video it is also ok to discriminate against them. Tell me what you think.

Are our Kids too Fat or are we making them crazy?

Today at church I heard an average size little girl call herself “fat”. She was not even slightly overweight but she perceived herself as fat. Her Sunday School teacher walked over to her and said you are not fat and you are beautiful. As I walked away I wondered whether we are driving our kids crazy? Why would this girl think she was fat? She thinks this because we have told her so if not in word in deed. If you have ever watched any of the programs geared toward teens you will find girls being defined by their weight by their friends and their enemies. ABC Family has a new show coming on called HUGE which is about obese teens at a weight loss camp. In the promos the main character refuses to hate herself because she is fat. So is this what we want to promote self-hatred? Yes, this country has a childhood obesity problem, but everyone is not obese and with the right motivation those that are can become healthy, but how much stress are we putting on our children? Are we encouraging our children to try to lose weight quickly or are we trying to promote healthy eating habits?   I definitely don’t have the answers. My own daughter has asked me to buy her Slim-Fast. Which I won’t, but I know that I can’t just dismiss her concerns. I know she is not fat but everything around her celebrates the Size 0. As a parent I want to fight childhood obesity, but there has got to be a happy medium between Size 0 and obese, and I will keep looking for it.

Lincoln University Says No Degree for the Overweight if they Don’t Take A Fitness Course…Is this Right?

“According to cbs3.com, Lincoln University, an HBCU in Pennsylvania, has mandated a fitness course for overweight students in an effort to impact the soaring rates of obesity and diabetes in the African-American community. The mandate requires students to get tested for their BMI. Those in the obese range will be required to take the course that involves walking, weight training, aerobics and other physical activities.”  Is this good news? Is overweight the only problem on campus? What about the drug users are they too going to be outed? Obesity is definately not the only problem on campus, but it is one of the most visible. Will the fitness teachers identify the students that should have their BMI tested? Is this an invasion of privacy. What if the overweight condition has an emotional component? Will there be any therapy involved or will this just be boot camp? Lose weight or else? This is dangerous territory. Will they have the overweight teachers exercising too? There might be good intentions here, but there is something wrong with this approach.