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Is it arrogant for Tim Tebow to try to trademark “tebowing”?

Did Tim Tebow create the act of bowing in deference to God after some kind of sporting achievement? The answer would be no. So what makes him think he could trademark it? Sure he probably can claim the word but not the act. What do you think? Arrogant or on the mark?


Baby Daddy Antonio Cromartie Struggles to name all his kids

Antonio Cromartie, of the New York Jets has alot of children. He has multiple 3 year olds. Appearing on the HBO show Hard Knocks he attempts to remember all of their names. This is truly sad. “When the Jets traded forĀ  Cromartie in March, the statistic that jumped off the page about him had nothing to do with tackles, interceptions or touchdowns. It was the fact that he had seven kids in five different states, a brood that was causing Cromartie all sorts of legal problems thanks to his difficulty meeting his child support obligations.” Cromartie probably benefited from the cash from the Jets, but he could also benefit from a box of condoms.