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Ernie Banks, “Mr. Cub” was a big part of my childhood

Ernie Banks died yesterday. That name might not be familiar to Generation X, Y or even Z, but it is to people born before WGN was a cable station. WGN used to simply be Channel 9 the Home of the Cubs and in the 60’s and 70’s Mr. Cub was their Number One draw. I never liked baseball but my dad did and he was off on Mondays. This was back in the day of the family television. One television per family. During those summer Mondays our dad would say he was going to turn to the Cubs station to just catch the score, but he would end up watching the game and we would quietly leave the family room in search of other entertainment. Why did he like watching the Cubs? I never asked because as a child I really did not care, but now I wonder was Mr. Cub a part of his interest? I’ll never know for sure, but I would put money on it. RIP Mr. Cub

Steve Harvey is on top so now it is time to take him down a peg

Steve Harvey is on top of the world. He has been dispensing relationship advice for years. At one point he was the go to relationship expert for Essence magazine. His talk show is a hit. His game show is a hit. Last year he earned 2 Emmy awards. He has been anointed by Oprah. He is on a motivational tour criss crossing the country, so what’s next for Mr. Harvey? The takedown. This tape circulated a few years ago but it has found new life. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving…Thanks for reading Ebony Mom Politics

Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading the blog. We might not always agree, but we can always discuss.

Social Media did not kill Mike Brown it just told the world

Last night I like many listened to St. Louis County prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch explain why the grand jury had made the decision not to indict Officer Wilson, but before he could get to that he spent time lecturing us on the danger of social media. He told us how social media got it wrong. He said this early and often. Social media gets a story and runs with it, and sometimes the facts are not on point. While conceding the point it should not be lost on us that without social media we would never have heard of Mike Brown. Brown’s family contacted Rev. Al Sharpton the day of the event and told him how to get on see Brown’s body laying in the streets. It social media that kept the world’s attention on Ferguson. So my point is social media matters and it might not be a perfect tool, but in this case it has served to be a vital tool. So McCulloch might dismiss it we know it kept the heat on this case.

Presidential love triangle at Illinois polls

Is Our Ebola Strategy being shaped on the fly?

I took a plane flight this past weekend and I took plastic gloves annd disinfectant wipes to clean the tray tables and the armrest, but I knew that was an act of spitting in the wind. Ebola is here and we don’t seem to know how to handle it. the government seems more reactive than proactive. Health care workers are complaining about a lack of protocol. The government seems to be in some kind of paralytic stupor. The talking heads they send out can’t offer comfort because they know this is more than they can handle. We need a plan and not platitudes. This is not going to get better until someone comes up with a actual plan that is not predicated on reaction. Are we expecting too much from our government?

Did this Wendy Davis ad go too far?

is everything fair in politics? Wendy Davis candidate for governor of Texas addresses her opponents disability. Did she go too far?

Republicans are people Too

Share your thoughts.

Rob Schneider State Farm commercial pulled because of his anti-vaccine views…is it fair?

Rob Schnieder has been a vocal opponent of vaccines over the years. State Farm had to have been aware of this but they ran the commercial and now they are pulling it. Is this fair?


Is Harold Washington making an endorsement from the grave?

Bruce Rauner is running against Pat Quinn. He wants to be the new governor so wh does he turn to for an endorsement? Harold Washington former mayor of chicago and dead since 1987. Is this smart or seriously desperate? Share your thoughts.