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Celebrity Apprentice or is it the Last landing for has Beens and launching pads for Wanna Bees?

Yesterday I saw the list of participants for the next cycle of NBC Celebrity Apprentice. Three names jumped out to me for very different reasons. Star Jones, Dionne Warwick and NeNe Leekes will be on the show. Star Jones was once a cohost on The View, she has also been a legal correspondent for various cable outlets and she is an attorney. Dionne Warwick is an accomplished singer and a multi Grammy award winner, and finally we have NeNe Leekes the star of the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It is sad to see Jones and Warwick participating in this sham. They were real celebrities and at this point their stars have dimmed and they feel their appearances might help them reclaim some of the shine. On the other hand this kind of circus is tailor made for the likes of Leekes who is trying to broaden her brand. This is definitely not must see tv because the reality is it is just plain sad.