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Should Brian Williams be fired?

I watch NBC Nightly News. I like Brian Williams, but he lied to us. He dismissed it as confusion but when you look at the facts he lied. Simple question: should he be fired?


Super Bowl’s saddest commercial ever courtesy of Nationwide

When you watch the Super Bowl you just want to have fun. You look forward to the commercials. You expect funny, quirky and even heartfelt, but you don’t want sad and that is what Nationwide gave us. It was like someone throwing cold water in your face. We were looking for laughs not lessons.

Rashida Jones says “I’m ethnic” is that enough?

Obviously these carpet hounds have no idea about Rashida Jones’ heritage. She is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. When asked about her tan she responded “I’m ethnic”. Was that an adequate response?

Ernie Banks, “Mr. Cub” was a big part of my childhood

Ernie Banks died yesterday. That name might not be familiar to Generation X, Y or even Z, but it is to people born before WGN was a cable station. WGN used to simply be Channel 9 the Home of the Cubs and in the 60’s and 70’s Mr. Cub was their Number One draw. I never liked baseball but my dad did and he was off on Mondays. This was back in the day of the family television. One television per family. During those summer Mondays our dad would say he was going to turn to the Cubs station to just catch the score, but he would end up watching the game and we would quietly leave the family room in search of other entertainment. Why did he like watching the Cubs? I never asked because as a child I really did not care, but now I wonder was Mr. Cub a part of his interest? I’ll never know for sure, but I would put money on it. RIP Mr. Cub

Revlon CEO allegedly rips blacks, Jews and dirty Americans

Something to think about the next time you buy a Revlon product.

Is torture necessary to insure our freedom?

Yesterday as I was watching the reporters scurry around and tell us the Senate’s findings on our torture program I thought of the movie A Few Good Men. We value our freedom in this country but freedom comes at a cost, and often that cost is not pretty. Torture is not pretty as a matter of fact it is downright cruel, but we experienced cruelty on September 11, 2001. When three planes targeted our citizens and killed 3,000 people. We can not follow a rulebook when the enemy does not respect the book. Our government is committed to safeguarding our safety and our freedom, and to take them to task years later is wrong and smacks of politics. We want thm on the wall and we can’t push them off when we think we are safe.

Bill Cosby’s star defaced on Walk of Fame…do you think Cosby raped all these women?

cosby's star defaced
Is Bill Cosby a rapist? Is he a serial rapist? Did he rape underage girls? Everyday a new middle age woman is stepping up to the microphone and recounting her story, but did Cosby rape all of these women and did he also drug them? Why didn’t anyone speak up. Some of the women said he raped them in the “60s. In the “60s black men were still getting lynched for looking at white women and they stayed silent? What do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving…Thanks for reading Ebony Mom Politics

Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading the blog. We might not always agree, but we can always discuss.

We weep for Michael Brown because we fear for our own sons

When I heard the news that Darren Wilson was not indicted I was not surprised, but I was sad. Michael Brown might not have been an angel, but he was no demon. Over the past few months he has been characterized as a thief, a thug and finally a demon, but even if the characterizations are correct should he have been killed? He was somebody’s son, and this Thanksgiving he will be absent from the table. When the policeman approached him did he see suspect first? The question is what do policeman see when they look at our sons? Do they immediately think suspect even when there is no criminal activity going on? I talked to a friend of mine this morning and she said she had hoped for indictment. She admitted that it was more about her son than Brown, and I echo her sentiments. My son is universally described as a great guy. He is the kind of person that never meets a stranger and he goes out of his way to make people feel appreciated, but when a cop pulls him over what do they see? That’s the life and death question. That’s why so many mothers grieve with the Brown family because we are haunted by the question what do the cops see when they look at our sons.

Is Bill Cosby a rapist? Barbara Bowman says he is

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.