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Memo to Dan Hampton: It is Never Appropriate to Use Human Tragedy as a Punchline

 “There are TV analysts who choose their words poorly, there are people who really stick their feet in their mouths, and then there’s Dan Hampton. Hampton, the Hall of Fame Chicago Bears defensive lineman, made what will (I hope) go down as the most offensive comment of the 2010 football season when he was previewing Thursday’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints for the Pro Football Weekly television show. Said Hampton, “The Vikings need to go down there and hit that town like Katrina. I really can’t imagine what on earth made Hampton think a Hurricane Katrina reference was a clever line to insert into his prediction for a game being played in New Orleans, but I feel confident saying that Hampton will open next week’s show with an apology.”* If he’s on next week’s show at all.” Some things should never be used as a punchline. What’s next… the defense is going to tear up that offense like the planes that hit the Twin Towers? No some things are off limits and Hurricane Katrina is definitely one of those things.

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UPDATE: Monday Night 9/6/10 Dan Hampton apologized for his  Katrina comment.

“It was a spur-of-the-moment comment intended strictly as a metaphor for the storm-like intensity I believe the Vikings will bring to their rematch with the Saints, and it simply never occurred to me that anyone could read anything more than that into it. I have nothing but the deepest respect and greatest admiration for the people of the Gulf Coast, and I am horrified that even one of you would think I would make light of the terror Katrina wrought, and that I have clearly offended so many of you. I realize now it was a terrible choice of words, and I offer absolutely no excuses. I screwed up, about as badly as I could, and I am deeply and profoundly sorry.”

Will You Be Watching the Winter Olympics?

The Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics is tomorrow night. I was telling a friend that I saw a commercial where these people seemed to be pushing a pot with a hockey stick. I thought they were “joking” the games until the end of the promotion revealed they were engaged in the sport of “curling.” This incident is why I will not be watching the games. There is a real disconnect. The sports associated with the Winter Olympics  require skills and money.  Sports featured in the games include: ice skating, skiing, the luge, snowboarding and curling. The athletes in these sports have to have money to train for these events. When was the last time you saw a boy from Urban America carrying a pair of skis anywhere?  Whereas, the Summer Games feature sports like: track, basketball, volleyball and baseball. These are sports that require few resources to succeed. A good track star simply needs to know how to run, a basketball star needs a hoop and a ball, a volleyball star needs a ball and a net, and to play baseball one needs a bat and a ball. All of the tools required for these sports are affordable and readily available. The athletes train hard for the Summer Olympics too, but it just seems a regular guy has a chance at being a Summer Olympian, and that does not seem to be the case with the Winter Games. I am sure the Winter Olympics have their audience, but I will not be among them.