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NBC Professional Nancy Snyderman wants to take the “Christ” out of Christmas

This morning on the Today Show “Professionals segment”, Matt Lauer led the discussion of outsourcing some of the tasks associated with Christmas. He said that you can get people to pick your tree, decorate your tree, write out your Christmas cards etc. He then asked Star Jones,  Donny Deutsch and Dr. Nancy Snyderman to comment on it. Jones said that she honors the religious aspect of the holiday and then Snyderman said that’s the part of the holiday that bugs to which Jones replied “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.” Lauer seemed a little taken aback by Snyderman’s remark. The question is do you spend any time honoring the reason for the season or is it just an opportunity to get and give gifts? Share your thoughts.




Nike Shoe Not for White Kids, at least according to NBC Dr. Nancy

This morning on the Today Show “the Professionals”-Nancy Snyderman, Star Jones and Donny Deutch were discussing this very expensive Nike shoe. Snyderman said this shoe is not for white kids. Share your thoughts.