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Don King brings minstrel show to the Donald Trump stage

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

What happens when POTUS says the N-Word?

The world has fallen off its axis. Why? The president said the n-word. For the past two days we have heard all the talking heads discuss this life changing moment. With all the things going on in the word this was trending. The irony is when POTUS says the N-word it is news, but when he is called the N-word it is Tuesday.

CNN Chris Cuomo compares Mohamed cartoon to the N-Word?

Watch clip and share your thoughts.

Why do so many people love/hate the N-word?

Last night I watched ESPN OTL last night and their discussion of the n-word. So many black people love the word, but just as many despise the word and so this is a constant source of debate. Next season the NFL is considering fining player for use of the word on the field. What do you think? Is this a good idead and will it be possible to enforce it? Share your thoughts.

Did Paula Deen’s Today show appearance hurt or help her?

paula deen lost sponsors

Did the Today Show appearance help or hurt, and should Paula Deen just go back to work?

Reporter Tom Burlington was fired for using n-word at staff meeting…was it wrong?

Former Philadelphia television reporter Tom Burlington was fired for using the n-word at a staff meeting.  .”The dispute began after RobinTaylor, who is white, used the phrase the “n” word during the 2007 staff meeting. She said participants at the burial had said the full word “at least a hundred times or more,” according to court records. “Does this mean we can finally say the word n-?” Burlington asked colleagues, according to depositions. Nicole Wolfe, a producer and one of the three African American employees among the nine people at the meeting, exclaimed: “I can’t believe you just said that!” Burlington told Taylor that although he did not necessarily expect her to use the word in her story, he thought that doing so gave the story more credence. Burlington says he used the word only once and approached several attendees after the meeting to explain himself. The Daily News account said he had used the word more than a dozen times.”* Burlington’s trial is set for January 18th. Burlington says that he had heard black co-workers use the word and they have not been disciplined for using it. Does Burlington have a case? Tell me what you think.


Everyone Should Stop Using the N-Word

The N-word is a vile word. So vile we use the euphemism (n-word) to make it somewhat acceptable for discussion sake. A few days ago a teacher was fired from Maryland’s Towson University for calling himself the n-word. There was no discussion of context. He said it so he had to go. This would be acceptable if this firm stance was applied to all situations, but it is not. Why do we allow rappers to use the word?  Some say their casual use of the word has led to many thinking it is acceptable language. We can’t keep saying “well that’s art”, and that is alright. We have got to take a stand. Either no one says or everyone says it. The word is offensive no matter who says, but until we take everyone to task over the usuage we will continue to have this kind of confusion.