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A Black Mississippi Judge’s Breathtaking Speech to 3 White Murderers

Thanks to frequent reader SI for bringing this story to my attention. Please read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Brian Williams lied, but social media killed his career

Over the last few days we have witnessed the dethroning of Brian Williams. His unraveling is due to the recklessness of his own tongue, but social media pulled and carried the thread. He told his tall tale on his news show and he was challenged first on his Facebook page by a real soldier who was there. Facing an eyewitness Williams pled guilty to misremembering, but he did it with a wink and a smile. The Twitter brigade took that as their marching orders and their criticism was swift and brutal. The mockery was withering and Williams simply “lost face”. In all likelihood we will not see Williams back in the anchor chair. “Pride goeth before destruction and a fall.” Bye Brian we know he will be back but he will be sitting in a new seat.

Brian Williams suspended for 6 months, in 6 months people will say, “Brian Who”?

NBC has suspended anchor Brian Williams for 6 months with no pay. Does the punishment fit the crime, and do you think he will be back? Share your thoughts.

Did Brian Williams know he was lying?

Today I have heard several talking heads call Brian Williams a liar. Some said he should be fired. My question is did Williams really know he was lying? Who in their right mind would lie about something that so many people could readily dispute? So often when we tell a story over and over and year after year the story changes. Sometimes we don’t even notice we have embellished until someone who was there calls us on it and that is what happened to Williams he go called on it. Williams has told his version for so long that it has become his truth, but it really wasn’t.

Should Brian Williams be fired?

I watch NBC Nightly News. I like Brian Williams, but he lied to us. He dismissed it as confusion but when you look at the facts he lied. Simple question: should he be fired?


Johnny Manziel has entered rehab and “Johnny Rehab” is trending on Twitter…this says more about us than him

ESPN announced Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns quarterback has entered rehab. Manziel has showed a lot of bravado in college and in the NFL. Unfortunately he has not lived up to the hype, but he has done his share of partying. He obviously recognizes the need for a change, but the Twitter world has dubbed him Johnny Rehab and the jokes have been frequent and often cruel. It is so sad to see the lack of compassion. In this age of social media dominance it is sad to see that few have 140 characters of compassion for a young man who now seeks to change his path.

Super Bowl’s saddest commercial ever courtesy of Nationwide

When you watch the Super Bowl you just want to have fun. You look forward to the commercials. You expect funny, quirky and even heartfelt, but you don’t want sad and that is what Nationwide gave us. It was like someone throwing cold water in your face. We were looking for laughs not lessons.

Rashida Jones says “I’m ethnic” is that enough?

Obviously these carpet hounds have no idea about Rashida Jones’ heritage. She is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. When asked about her tan she responded “I’m ethnic”. Was that an adequate response?

Benedict Cumberbatch apologizes for using the word “colored” when describing black actors

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

NFL fines Marshawn Lynch for crotch grab and then sell the image…can we all say Hypocrite

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


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